Our Recent Actions: Launched  UNESCO IPL PUBLIC DIPLOMACYE-TEAM to provide a platform of support  with feedback to help drive positive change within the Public diplomacy ecosystem

Engagement with the UN
INSTITUT DE DIPLOMATIE PUBLIQUE as a non-state actor in diplomacy facilitates and promotes the contribution of stakeholders from different sectors at the global level, including at UN special events.

The Institute regularly receives special accreditations for conferences, summits, meetings, or other events organized by the UN. 

Doctor/Ph.D. Members and Professional Members of the Institute are invited to indicate their interest to participate in the events.

Institute as a co-creation project and direct channel of interaction.

The Institute is based on co-design. It invites creative minds to participate, curate conversations and generate ideas to shape an innovative framework. The multidisciplinary approach to research in the public diplomacy field practiced at the Institute fosters dialogue between academia, policymakers, and civil society. Based on experience of our members, the project studies the implementation of multi-actor processes resulting in reciprocal learning and decision-making. Our goal is to facilitate the development of solutions that enjoy broad support. In particular, this project focuses on the dynamics of participant interactions and the integration of different forms of knowledge. The insights gained in this project will contribute to the development of a contemporary approach to science-based guidance for civil society.

The Institute is not allied with any political organization and does not wish to engage in any political, religious, or government controversy. We are not a conflict-oriented community, we don't focus on change through appeals to authority (i.e., pressuring established power structures for desired changes), we don't create alternative systems outside of established power structures. Our members join together to determine needs, plan ways of meeting and mobilize the necessary resource within the democratic system of value.