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Culinary Diplomacy/ Gastrodiplomacy

 is a type of cultural diplomacy, which itself is a subset of public diplomacy. Culinary diplomacy is the practice of using food and cuisine as a means to create and strengthen cultural and diplomatic relationships between nations.

The Institute acts as a partnership that explores an urgently needed radical change in public diplomacy, including food diplomacy. Moving towards a more equitable food industry requires more than just changing the way we produce and consume food It requires a deeper understanding of what food is in international relations.
This broader understanding of food manifests itself mostly outside the framework of the dominant state-to-state diplomacy, in places that are not yet visible or that are not considered to be ‘diplomacy’ by the established order. 
We invite food enthusiasts from different practices, backgrounds, and locations to join us.

An overarching theme of our work is promoting the diaspora's input in the food sector through culinary diplomacy.

We focus on projects that address Sustainable Development Goals number 17 Partnerships for the goals, and some aspects of SDG numbers

1 No Poverty,

2 Zero Hunger,

5, 8,11,12, and 13 to achieve the SDGs.

Culinary Diplomacy/ Gastrodiplomacy
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