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Economic diplomacy

Economic diplomacy is defined as the actions of both state and non-state actors aimed at promoting cross-border trade and investment flows.

The need for developing a comprehensive strategy on  Economic Diplomacy arises from the growing market opportunities in emerging economies, the challenges which companies face when exporting and investing, and the shortcomings in supporting the internationalisation of non-state actors in Economic Diplomacy.

Economic Diplomacy Division is designed to enhance economic diplomacy researches and provide the bridge between academic professorship, the diplomatic community, and the business world.  It represents the focal point for all economic diplomacy activities and consists of more than 70 Doctor/Ph.D. members and professionals in the field.  That provides us coverage of the full spectrum of economic diplomacy issues.
We aim to provide research, analysis, and policy recommendations to businesses and governments on challenges in the field of economic diplomacy. We push our efforts in building the tools, and resources to support the economic diplomacy stakeholders and ensure that they have the training and resources needed to work at the intersection of globalization and vulnerable business environments around the globe.

Our members are invited to hold wide consultations and develop jointly the strategy on  Economic Diplomacy.


The UN Online Courses

The UN Online Courses offer an innovative learning solution that brings the necessary skills within reach of tax officials anywhere in the world, making training available on computers, tablets or smartphones. 

UN Online Courses by Department of Economic and Social Affairs on TAX COOPERATION 

UN Learning Portal


Funding & tender opportunities

The Institut registered in the Participant Register of European Commission

Funding & Tenders Portal (PIC number 888159258).

Horizon Europe

The UN organization has confirmed registration of the INSTITUT DE DIPLOMATIE PUBLIQUE/ INSTITUTO DE DIPLOMACIA PUBLICA and the details are now part of the database of potential vendors to the UN organizations. Reg. number 818325.

We are eligible to participate in tender processes with the UN organization.

Doctor/Ph.D. members/ Economic Diplomacy Division

Expressions of interest: please email info@institut.uk  if you are interested in being part of our Economic Diplomacy Division.