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Humanitarian diplomacy is defined as the negotiating, bargaining, and advocating process associated with the promotion and protection of international human rights and humanitarian principles. 

This Division acts as a space to test, model, and scale successful practices of human rights monitoring, reporting and documentation, and institution-building for cross-regional implementation.

At the same time, we synthesise global best practices on the local implementation of human rights, contextualises them for the local level.
The Institute is open to cooperation and is happy to offer its expertise to all stakeholders in the form of consulting, training, or research.

Professional Certification Programs

Learn about the  Standards and their use in sustainability reporting by joining our Professional Certification Program, available in English. 

With two flexible learning routes to choose from - online self-paced (Route 1) or blended (Route 2) - the program provides a unique opportunity to gain expertise and recognition in sustainability reporting with the Standards.

 Who is the Certification for?
If sustainability is your main profession, be it in a corporate or consulting environment, and if you are supporting sustainability reporting within your organization as part of your role in operations, finance, communications or other functions, consider becoming a Certified Sustainability Professional.

DISCLAIMER: No candidate or applicant should pay any sum of money to any bank account or any form of inducement to any individual purporting/ claiming to be acting on behalf of the Institute.


Expressions of interest: please email  if you are interested in being part of our Humanitarian Diplomacy Division.