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Human rights diplomacy

While traditional diplomacy is associated with the pursuit of national interests by states in their foreign policy, human rights diplomacy is defined as the negotiating, bargaining, and advocating process associated with the promotion and protection of international human rights and humanitarian principles.It involves a strategy of engagement with a range of actors, not limited to ‘official‘ diplomats such as representatives of states and inter-governmental organizations.Among them are also non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and other representatives of civil society, national human rights institutions, human rights experts, parliamentarians, religious groups, and even businesses.

Institut de diplomatie publique acts as a space to test, model, and scale successful practices in HR diplomacy providing its resources for thought and analysis to serve stakeholders who develop, implement, or teach all aspects of HR and diplomacy. 



Human rights diplomacy requires a deep understanding of various socio-cultural differences and their values.
Human rights diplomats should design tools specific to each world regi
on to help human rights activists advance universal values using the language of local realities.

Here are some of the biggest issues the Institute faced in 2023
1. Language barriers
2. Cultural norms
3.Ideological differences
We seek communication strategies that will help the Institute to effectively build and maintain relationships with culturally diverse colleagues around the globe: from building initial understanding to sharing information, and partnership co-creation.

Modern Architecture



integrating effective process of negotiating and implementing HR policies and practices in foreign policy


Identifying factors of vulnerability and the barriers to access services, resources and opportunities for under-represented, under-served communities and minority groups.

analysis of the challenges and constraints facing public diplomacy practitioners and CSOs involved in PD activities or working with foreign audience.


Converting  non-state actors into change agents of the social, ecologic and digital transformations

lobbying against legislative changes that would undermine human rights and freedoms

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