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Migration diplomacy

In international relations, migration diplomacy is 'the use of diplomatic tools, processes, and procedures to manage cross-border population mobility, including 'both the strategic use of migration flows as a means to obtain other aims, and the use of diplomatic methods to achieve goals related to migration.

Migration has come to constitute an increasingly-important area of states' engagement with one another, with bilateral multilateral strategies including the promotion or discouragement of bilateral migratory flows; agreements on preferential treatment to certain foreign nationals; the initiation of guest-worker programmes or other short-term labor migration schemes; the deportation of foreign nationals; and so on.

We work with disadvantaged and vulnerable groups to help them achieve their political goals through public diplomacy.

Join an ever-increasing global membership that helps strengthen public diplomacy for the benefit of society, building the capacity to bring together and integrate scientific excellence and expertise from all fields of science worldwide.

Using networks built up by our members, the Institute engages creatively with non-state actors,  and other influential parties at international level and supports communities and marginalised groups to play active roles in peace processes and the resolution of conflicts affecting them.

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2023 News

United Nations Network on Migration’s new workplan for 2022 – 2024, which will guide our continued support towards implementation of the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration (GCM).

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