Institut de diplomatie publique acts as a space to


model, and


successful practices

in public diplomacy providing its resources for thought and analysis to serve stakeholders who develop, implement, or teach all aspects of science and diplomacy. 

Institut de diplomatie publique  provides a direct channel of interaction among cultural activists, media, IGOs and NGOs, academics, and others seeking to advance the field of international virtual exchange (internet-based, cross-national communication and collaboration) in the following field:

Science diplomacy

Sustainable Development Diplomacy

Parliamentary Diplomacy

Cultural diplomacy


Education Diplomacy

Economic diplomacy

Cyber diplomacy

Health diplomacy

Municipal diplomacy

Humanitarian diplomacy

Environmental diplomacy

Energy diplomacy

Sports diplomacy

Water diplomacy

Inclusive policy via Public Diplomacy.



Networking Services

We link organizations with similar goals and complementary skills to provide mutual support.

Technical Assistance

We connect experts with local leaders to jointly develop plans, support implementation and evaluate impact.

Knowledge & Learning

We share lessons by hosting events and publishing findings to advance our collective understanding 

Analytical Services

We provide analytic and advisory services on institutional development and improving citizen engagement.

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