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Articles, researches, policies, analysis and perspectives, related to Sports Diplomacy

Here we co-create a list of articles, researches, policies, analysis and perspectives, related to Sports Diplomacy

Сurrent list

Sport diplomacy - Identifying good practices: a final report to the European Commission - Study

Sport diplomacy - Identifying good practices: a final report executive summary to the European Commission

High Level Group on Sport Diplomacy - Report to Commissioner Tibor Navracsics

Council of the European Union: Sport diplomacy - Council conclusions

Background paper on Sport Diplomacy by Richard Parrish and Thierry Zintz (2019)

Mapping and analysis of the specificity of sport: Final report to the DG Education & Culture of the European Commission - Study

Erasmus+ sport cluster meeting on 'The integrity of sport': Final report - Study

Mapping of corruption in sport in the EU: A report to the European Commission - Study

Mapping and analysis of the specificity of sport - Final report executive summary to the DG Education & Culture of the European Commission

Mapping of corruption in sport in the EU - A report to the European Commission, executive summary

Erasmus+ sport cluster meeting on “Encouraging participation in sport and physical activities” - Final report - Study

An update on change drivers and economic and legal implications of transfers of players - Executive summary to the DG Education, Youth, Culture and Sport of the European Commission

Study on sports organisers’ rights in the European Union Final report - Study

Study on the contribution of sport to regional development through the structural funds - Executive summary

Special issue on sports diplomacy - James Pamment

Moving beyond the Ping-Pong table: Sports Diplomacy in the Modern Diplomatic Environment

Grassroots Sport Diplomacy: Overview, mapping and definitions

Olympic Diplomacy and the Emerging States: Striving for Influence in the Multipolar World

Sport in international relations expectations, possibilities and effects

Sports as Cultural Diplomacy: How Sport Can Make a Difference in Intercultural Relations

Sport and soft power:The Case of Sport as a Tool of Immigrant Integration in Sweden

International Prestige through ‘Sporting Success’: an evaluation of the evidence

Sport and Politics: A study of the relationship between International Politics and Football

Furthering national development through sport, the case of Qatar

The role of sports diplomacy in African international relations: The case of Kenya

Sport and Diplomacy: A Global Diplomacy Framework - J. Simon Rofe

More than a Game: Sports, Society and Politics

Sport history and diplomatic history - Heather L. Dichter

Mapping the relationship between international sport and diplomacy

The main themes of sporting diplomacy - France

U.S. sport diplomacy in Latin America and the Caribbean: A programme evaluation

Sports diplomacy 2030 - Australian government

Sports Diplomacy: a hybrid of two halves - Stuart Murray

Sports Diplomacy - David Carrasco

Sports Diplomacy: A Timeline - Vincent Mabillard

Sport Diplomacy: A Review of How Sports Can be Used to Improve International Relations

Sports as public diplomacy element - Deniz Demir Bolcay

Game, Set, Match: Sports and the Future of Diplomacy - Valeria Munt

Sport in Post-Conflict Societies - Council of Europe

Good Governance initiatives in sport at national level - Council of Europe

Case Studies in Sport Diplomacy

9 times sport was used as a political tool

Nationalism, mass politics, and sport cold war case studies at seven degrees

Promoting Authority Through Sport by States and Societies of Eastern Europe

Weaponization of Sports: The Battle for World Influence through Sporting Success

Sports and Diplomacy in the Global Arena

Integrating Sport for development and Peace programmes to lever social legacy within Sport Mega-Events: The Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games “Sport for Tomorrow” programme

A Strategic E-Marketing Framework For Sport Mega-Events

A Game Changer: Mega-Sporting Events, Illiberal Regimes, and Political Liberalization

Advancing sport mega-event research - five critical themes

Impacts of terrorism-related safety and security measures at major sport events

Measuring the Socio-Economic Legacies of Mega-events: Concepts, Propositions and Indicators

Mega-Events and Globalization: A Critical Introduction

Political violence and terrorism against major international sporting events: A chronology and consideration of mitigation strategies

Reputation and mega-project management lessons from host cities of the Olympic Games

Rio 2016 and disability – an analysis on the Sport-For- Development discourse and the legacies for disabled people

Rio 2016 Olympic Games and diplomatic legacies

Security Governance and Sport Mega-events

Sport mega-events and 'terrorism': A critical analysis

Sport politics and the Olympics

Terrorism and security at the Olympics: Empirical trends and evolving research agendas

The games must go on? The influence of terror attacks on hosting sporting events in Israel

Transforming communities through sport: critical pedagogy and sport for development

Volunteer Legacy: Stories from the London 2012 Paralympic Games

Managing event places and viewer spaces: Security, surveillance and stakeholder interests at the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa

State Strategies for Leveraging Sports Mega-Events: unpacking the concept of ‘legacy’

United Nations Convention against Corruption

UN Resolution 8.4 - Safeguarding sport from corruption

UN Resolution 7.8 - Corruption in sport

UN Sport as an enabler of sustainable development

UN Preventing and combating corrupt practices and the transfer of proceeds of corruption, facilitating asset recovery and returning such assets to legitimate owners, in particular to countries of origin, in accordance with the United Nations Convention against Corruption

Reporting Mechanisms in Sport: A Practical Guide for Development and Implementation

UN Resource Guide on Good Practices in the Investigation of Match-Fixing

UN Integrity in sport

UN Good practices and initiatives in the prevention of corruption: Awareness-raising policies and practices with special reference to articles 5, 7, 12 and 13 of the United Nations Convention against Corruption (Chapter II)

IOC - Code of Ethics

Health care guidelines for International Federation events / Association of Summer Olympic International Federations

Third review of International Federation governance / ASOIF Governance Taskforce

IOC - Procurement of major international sport events

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