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After successful Mini-Courses, Insitute was pleased to offer "Transforming Data Into Insights for Public Diplomacy Strategy”. Our training is essential for today's public diplomat looking for a more robust toolkit in data analysis, digital storytelling, emerging technologies and much more.

Welcome to Economic diplomacy course.

The diplomatic departments of almost all countries today are actually turned into a kind of "elite corporation", inaccessible to ordinary citizens.

The traditional approaches of diplomatic missions in dealing with potential investors lead to sad results - the number of “empty memoranda” is growing, and the real interest in cooperation disappears immediately after talking with such diplomats.

Therefore, our Institute believes that the most progressive way of solving problems is to use public diplomacy tools.

Public diplomacy programs should involve people with practical experience in finance and investment management in the promotion and management of large economically significant projects.

These may be businessmen, investment bankers, brokers, marketers, producers and, in general, specialists who understand the real mechanisms of functioning of global markets and the corporate sector, as well as know the nuances of concluding investment transactions and business agreements between business partners.

The main competitive advantage of our model of economic diplomacy is a client-oriented approach to the work of a public diplomat. That is why in our modules we teach public diplomats how to satisfy the needs of their potential customers by improving the system of providing services. Economic diplomats are peculiar marketers and PR managers of their country in local and global markets, who must skillfully adapt their product to the needs of the local public, focusing their attention on its strengths and winning characteristics.

The Institute creates its own concept of electronic economic diplomacy, which can significantly expand the zone of influence of our ideas. Virtual reality does not depend on the limitations of the physical space and opens up opportunities for promoting economic initiatives at the global level. To achieve these goals, we have involved not only traditional sites, but also global social networks. A comprehensive exchange of views and intensive dialogue create the prerequisites for an atmosphere of trust and understanding between partners.

As opposed to the capitalist economy focused on competition for the sole purpose of profit, the concept of “economy of the common good” is based on collaboration, sharing and plurality. The central idea behind open innovation is that innovation ceases to be something restricted to the private sphere of large corporations. Instead, it should be viewed as an action promoted by the engagement of multiple social actors, transparency and co-creation.

Cource in Economic diplomacy from Dr. Oleg Weretelnik , Institut de diplomatie publique | Instituto de diplomacia publica |

Public Diplomacy in a Multipolar World

This course aims to develop proficiency in analyzing and integrating a variety of data to create impactful public diplomacy strategies and programs. Course material will combine time-tested methods and technology-driven tools in data collection and analysis. You will learn methods to effectively employ storytelling to demonstrate and advance insights for strategy.

The programe comprises the following modules:

Integrating Data and Storytelling in Public Diplomacy Strategy and Planning

Foundations of PD Campaign Strategy and Measurement: Theory of Change

Fundamentals of Research Methodologies for Public Diplomacy

Understanding Stakeholders and Influence

Digital Diplomacy & Real-Time Analytics

Network Analysis

Narrative Strategies of Public Diplomacy

Creating Social Stories: PD Strategy through Engaging Narratives

Who Should Apply

Our professional training programs are geared toward mid-career professionals posted in non-government agencies; non-governmental organizations; international organizations; and private-sector companies. In addition to innovative instruction, the program provides a setting for mid-career professionals to exercise their evaluation and decision-making skills in a group of their peers and to contribute their own ideas and perspectives.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: PLEASE NOTE In light of the current circumstances with the global COVID-19 pandemic, we have decided to keep our deadlines open until further notice.

Training is free

Location:Web Based

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Although the Institute is a research organization, in 2021 it is advisable to organise a free 'Public diplomacy' training program for those persons interested but with varying levels of education and preparedness.

Teaching methodology: networked learning , which is based on the ideas of active creative independent work of students in combination with the requirement of mass collaboration and interaction of participants.

The Institute is a non-profit NGO of alternative education in the fields of public diplomacy, culture and humanities. At Institute, we offer hybrid education by adapting our programs to the circumstances and situations of our students; we use both traditional and non-traditional methods which allow the students to study at their own pace, place, and timing with guidance and mentorship of our volunteer lecturers.

This training format is inherently social. Co-curricular activities under the supervision of a teacher should be structured in such a way as to allow students to interact and conduct a dialogue, during which the basics of public diplomacy are actually taught.

The method involves students in active activities to study the concepts and theories of public diplomacy, followed by explaining the knowledge to their peers.

The role of the Institute's teacher in this program is as follows:

• assistance in setting learning goals;

provide assistance in selecting appropriate methods and training materials;

• monitoring the student's learning and analyzing the student's progress

* monitoring the results of training and recommending the issuance of a document of the Institute on the completed course.

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