Cultural diplomacy: Invitation for researchers and cultural activists to join Institute.

We cordially invite you to join Institut de diplomatie publique- an independent, non-governmental membership voluntary research organization, formed in the United Kingdom and registered under the provisions of the Companies Act 2006, dedicated to facilitating the global exchange of information and knowledge in the field of public diplomacy.

The Institut offers free membership of the IPD to individuals and organizations who are interested to support the field of cultural diplomacy. The project combined literature, music, design and visual arts.

By becoming a member of the Institut you are joining researchers and stakeholders from across the world.

Our members share a common belief in the importance of cultural understanding as an essential tool in the modern globalized world. and believe in employing the arts and culture as a tool of diplomacy and global engagement.

Members will receive invitations for events of the areas and projects around the world.

96 % of our Doctor/Ph.D. members have a doctoral degree.

We seek diversity in professional backgrounds, skills, and employment history that is why the Institut aims to draw at least 30 percent of the Doctoral/ Ph.D. members from professional backgrounds other than the public diplomacy field.

Eligibility criteria for Doctoral/Ph.D. membership:

The Applicant must hold a Ph.D. degree and must have published at least one paper with a high impact index/ Science Citation Index or in other international peer-reviewed journals of comparable quality.

Eligibility criteria for Professional membership (Division 4 "Cultural diplomacy") :

The Applicant must hold a master's degree from a regionally accredited graduate or professional school and show evidence of participation in arts and cultural activities related to intercultural dialogue.

As of 1st January 2021, Institut de diplomatie Publique has 557 professional members-analysts, academics, public diplomats, cultural activists from all over the globe.

Institut de diplomatie publique prides its members and welcomes all imaginative and talented people who support cultural diplomacy with fair and rational actions.

Joining Institut de diplomatie publique allows members to participate in information sharing, educational sessions and networking opportunities through creative programming, such as exhibitions, cultural exchanges, panel discussions, lectures.

Members of the Institute receive a Certificate or DIPLOMA of membership (with supplement), which will be sent to them after approval of membership.


Membership is free.

We don’t demand any contribution for membership, neither in time or money.

We are self-supporting through our own volunteer work because the Institute is a fellowship of individuals who share free results of their research, knowledge, skills, experience, strength, and hope with each other that they may solve our common problems and help others.

The application can be completed online, by visiting

Applicants can also be sent to

Dr. O. Weretelnik