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Diaspora and Food: Open Call for Contributors

Institut de diplomatie publique seeks to bring multiple fields together in order to investigate diaspora and food.

The Institute acts as a partnership that explores an urgently needed radical change in public diplomacy, including food diplomacy.

Moving towards a more equitable food industry requires more than just changing the way we produce and consume food It requires a deeper understanding of what food is in international relations.

This broader understanding of food manifests itself mostly outside the framework of the dominant state-to-state diplomacy, in places that are not yet visible or that are not considered to be ‘diplomacy’ by the established order.

We invite food enthusiasts from different practices, backgrounds, and locations to answer the following questions:

How do diasporic communities use food to navigate relationships with their country of origin?

What are the relationships between food, identity, history, tradition and culture?

Potential themes might include but are not limited to:

  • Literatures of food and diplomacy

  • Diaspora and culinary legacies

  • Racism, food, and justice

  • Culinary innovation in response to diaspora

  • Aesthetics of food in diasporic communities

  • Food and culture

  • Culinary identities in blended communities

While theoretical explorations are welcome, so too are specific case studies.

Potential contributors are also encouraged to think expansively on the definition of "diaspora." What does it mean to be a diasporic population? Who is neglected in narratives of diaspora? How do we define the boundaries of diaspora as they relate to food?

Submission Guidelines

Writers from all fields are encouraged to submit a post (300-500 words), and Contributor profile (CV, personal story, biography, statement, etc) to

Other forms of contributions can include, but are not limited to

• recorded video;

• virtual presentations;

• short thought/opinion pieces, which can also be published in mainstream media.

Academic and non-academic writers alike are encouraged to submit proposals. Similarly, scholars at any stage of their career, including undergraduate students, are welcome to apply.

Please submit the finished work or a proposal for the finished work to

Contributors will be notified of their acceptance or rejection.

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