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Doctor/Ph. D member- Antonija Bogadi (EU)




Doctor in Urban and Regional Sustainable


• Researcher, university lecturer, author, and urban development planner, with a 10+ years experience in cuttingedge global, regional or local level research on the challenges related to climate change mitigation and adaptation, nature-based solutions, biodiversity conservation, or sustainable development, leading to impactful climate policy consultancy and implementing more than 30 forward-thinking strategies and projects in various socio-political urban contexts worldwide.


• UNDERSTANDING LANDSCAPE: Deep knowledge of current urban climate adaptation and mitigation strategies in theory and practice; environmental policy networks dynamics; strategic stakeholder’s network building and interventions.

• IMPLEMENTING STRATEGIES AND PROJECTS: grants and funds applications and implementations; conducting and applying relevant research findings for projects evaluation & policy advise; sustainability evaluation, opportunity optimization and risks assessment, stakeholders’ engagement.

• DATA COLLECTION, ANALYSIS, AND COMMUNICATION: innovative research design with best available methodological tools; network and statistical software; advanced competence in MS Office and databases; strong graphical presentation abilities; proficiency in English, German and Croatian language


R. Giffinger, A. Bogadi, S. Sanchez, L. Perra: Open Participatory Design and Digital Tools for Inclusive & Resilient Development, Conference paper, PDC 2020 - "Participation(s) Otherwise", Manizales, Colombia, 15-19 June 2020

• A. Bogadi: How can knowledge matter? Using network perspective for enhancing environmental knowledge utilisation in adaptive governance networks, doctoral thesis, in print (2020)

• A. Bogadi et al.: Integrated settlement development, academic study book, Erdi Rosza Nymoda Kft, Erd, ISBN

978-963-429-264-7 (2018)

• A. Bogadi: Prospects for ecosystem services provision in fragile states,Technical Journal ISSN 1864-6168 UDK 62



• “Detecting mismatches between knowledge and influence in environmental urban governance networks”, A Community on Ecosystem Services 2018 Conference, Washington

• “Social network interventions for enhancing environmental knowledge utilisation in urban governance”, Conference on Earth System Governance" 2108, Utrecht

• “Innovative governance for strategic UGI planning: The role of the stakeholders’ networks analysis” conferencepaper, Vienna Young Scientists Conference, 2017 Vienna

• “Linking stakeholders’ network structure and application of UGI planning principles”, SUSTAINABILITY ACCOUNTING AND CONTROL FOR SMART CITIES Conference EMAN 2017, Liege

• “Urban ecosystem services provision: assessing spatially and socially conscious policies”, Vienna Young Scientists Conference 2016, Vienna

• “Spatial opportunities for incorporating green infrastructure elements in different types of urban growth”, Urban green infrastructure Conference 2015, Vienna

• “Learning from Japan: Traditional Design in Service of a Sustainable Construction”, Japanese Ambassy’s Days of Japanese Culture 2014

• “Sustainable communities: Sustainable Land Use and Profit”, Cro Eco Energy Expo 2013 Conference

• “Sustainable Land Use and Policies”, Varaždin Days of Sustainable Energy Symposium 2013

• “Sustainable communities’ urban planning principles", Croatia Green Building Council’s Green Building Symposium 2013

• “Sustainable Communities: Mobilising Citizens And Their Governments”, Association of Croatian Civil Engineers 2013

• “Sustainable Development Of The City And Wider Metropolitan Areas And Cradle To Cradle Planning Methods” , Association of Architects, Varazdin Sustainability Symposium



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