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Doctor/Ph.D member- Burkhard Luber (Deutschland)

Burkhard Luber

Doctor of Philosophy

in peace studies ,

Frankfurt University

MA in International Politics

Diploma in Current Affairs,

University of Pennsylvania (USA)

Research interests

International Relations

Burkhard is a renowned international peace researcher, university and NGO lecturer in international affairs, peace education and organizational capacity building, and editor of a political magazine in Germany.

Burkhard’s career spanned over 35 years in diverse professional areas including as a Senior Research Fellow at the International Peace Research Foundation, Frankfurt; Director of an international adult college near Hannover/Germany, where he supervised exchange programs with Italy, Portugal and Poland; Director of The Threshold, an international peace work foundation in Bremen/Germany – working on projects of post-war re-construction and peace education in several countries including former Yugoslavia, the Caucasus and Colombia. Burkhard also served as consultant for several MPs in various German state parliaments and in the German federal parliament and was the lead person for a number of major research projects about disarmament in Germany. He authored several books on international politics.

Also he has written various texts on topics of peace and conflict and has worked with NGOs in international crisis areas, like the civil war in Ex-Yugoslavia, hot spots in the Caucasus and



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