Doctor/Ph.D member - Dr. Md. Tofiz Uddin

Dr Md Tofiz Uddin

Tofiz Uddin

Ph.D., Imaging and Nuclear Medicine (Medical Physics), Harbin Medical University, China, 2018

Senior Medical Physicist

National Institute of Cancer Research and Hospital

Department of Radiation Oncology

Research Interests:

• Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy, Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy, Image-Guided Radiation Therapy, Patient Dosimetry and Brachytherapy and Monte Carlo Simulation research.

• The Effect of Motion on Radiation Therapy, as Application to Treatment of the Lung, Breast and Liver Cancer.

• Hyperthermia (Thermal Therapy or Thermotherapy) Energy used to apply heat, including microwave, radiofrequency and ultrasound approach.


Selected Publications:

1 Md Tofiz Uddin. Yanling Bai, Yu Lijuan (2019)  “Study on Motion Management of Helical Tomotherapy.” Cancer Therapy & Oncology International Journal/CTOIJ-RA-19-885.

2 Md Tofiz Uddin, Yanling Bai, Yu Lijuan(2019) “ Ipsilateral pleura Radiotherapy Combined Intrapleual with Intravenous Chemotherapy for patients with NSCLC Presenting Malignant Pleural Effusion.” Cancer Therapy & Oncology International Journal./CTOIJ-RA-19-879.

3 Md Tofiz Uddin (2012) “Quality Control of Modern Linear Accelerator: Dose Stability Long- and Short- term,” APS J. IPAC12- ISBN 978-3-95450-115-1.

4 Md Tofiz Uddin (2012) “Comparison between LDR & HDR Brachytherapy and its Outcome,” Int. J. Radiation Dosimetry & Medical Physics.” Radiation Oncology Journal Bangladesh.

5 Md Tofiz Uddin (2019)  “Daily Output Constancy Checks of Tomotherapy Using Statical Process Control” Accepted Conference Proceeding. IPAC19.