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Doctor/ Ph.D member- Dr. Mohammed Alswaitti


Ph.D. (Computational Intelligence), University Sains Malaysia (USM), Malaysia (2018)

• MSc (Computer Engineering), University Sains Malaysia (USM), Malaysia (2011)

• B.Eng. (Computer Engineering), Islamic University of Gaza (IUG), Palestine (2010)


• Data Clustering / Machine & Deep Learning Applications, Evolutionary Computation and Optimization Algorithms, Image Processing.


• ALBUGHDADI, M., GUILLAUME, R., SYLVIE D. & ALSWAITTI, M. (2020). Towards a Massive Sentinel-2 LAI Time-Series Production Using 2-D Convolutional Networks. Computers and Electronics in Agriculture, 2021. 180: p. 105899. (SCIE, IF: 3.858– Q1 Corresponding author)

• SHAHEENA, K., ASHRAF, M., SHOAIB, A., KHAN, M., 4, NAQVI, R., SIDDIQUE, K. & ALSWAITTI, M. 2020. Gly-LysPred: Identification of Lysine Glycation Sites in Protein Using Position Relative Features and Statistical Moments Via Chou’s 5 Step Rule. Computers, Materials & Continua (CMC) (SCIE, IF: 4.89– Q1 Corresponding author)

• TUBISHAT, M., ALSWAITTI, M., MIRJALILI, S., AL-GARADI, M. A., & RANA, T. A. (2020). Dynamic Butterfly Optimization Algorithm for Feature Selection. IEEE Access, 8, 194303-194314. (SCIE, IF: 3.745– Q1 Corresponding author)

• ELGAMAL, Z. M., YASIN, N. B. M., TUBISHAT, M., ALSWAITTI, M., & MIRJALILI, S. (2020). An Improved Harris Hawks Optimization Algorithm with Simulated Annealing for Feature Selection in the Medical Field. IEEE Access, 8, 186638-186652. (SCIE, IF: 3.745– Q1)

• TUBISHAT, M., JA'AFAR, S., ALSWAITTI, M., MIRJALILI, S., IDRIS, N., ISMAIL, M. A., & OMAR, M. S. (2020). Dynamic Salp Swarm Algorithm for Feature Selection. Expert Systems with Applications, 113873.‏ (SCIE, IF: 5.452– Q1)

• ALROSAN, A., ALOMOUSH, W., NORWAWI, N., ALSWAITTI, M., & MAKHADMEH, S. N. (2020). An improved artificial bee colony algorithm based on mean best-guided approach for continuous optimization problems and real brain MRI images segmentation. Neural Computing and Applications. (SCIE, IF: 4.774 – Q1)

• ALSWAITTI, M., ALBUGHDADI, M. & ISA, N. A. M. 2018. Variance-based Differential Evolution Algorithm with Optional Crossover for Data Clustering. Applied Soft Computing. (SCIE, IF: 5.472 – Q1)

• ALSWAITTI, M., ISHAK, M. & ISA, N. A. M. 2018. Optimized Gravitational-based Data Clustering Algorithm. Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence. (SCIE, IF: 4.201– Q1).

• ALSWAITTI, M., ALBUGHDADI, M. & ISA, N. A. M. 2018. Density-based particle swarm optimization algorithm for data clustering. Expert Systems with Applications, 91, 170-186. (SCIE, IF: 5.452– Q1).

• ALSWAITTI, M., & ISA, N. A. M. 2016. GIMK-means ‘Gravity-based Initialization Method for K-means Clustering Algorithm’. In: 6th Postgraduate Colloquium of School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering USM, December 20-21, USM Engineering Campus.

• ALSWAITTI, M.Y., ROSDI, B.A.B., (2012). ‘Finger Knuckle Print (FKP) Recognition’. LAP Lambert Academic Publishing.



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