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PhD (University of Nigeria, Nigeria), 2019

Thesis: Adopting International Legal Instruments and Decommissioning of

Oil and Gas Installations in Nigeria.

LL.M in Commercial Law (Ahmadu Bello University (ABU), Zaria, Nigeria).

Dissertation: The Role of Public International Law under the World Trade

Organization (WTO) Dispute Settlement Regime: Effects on Global

Environmental Protection Measures.

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a. Ocean Governance, Integrated Maritime Security and its Impact in the Gulf of

Guinea: Lessons for Nigeria [2019] (11) (2) African Review 190-207.

b. Maritime Transportation and the Nigerian Economy: Matters Arising [2020] (45)(3)

Commonwealth Law Bulletin 390-410

c. Proposing a Legal Framework for Decommissioning of Oil and Gas Installations in

Nigeria [2019](45)(2) Commonwealth Law Bulletin 211-230.

d. Connecting the Dots: Relevance of Sustainable Development Principles in

Addressing Environmental Protection issues in Nigeria’s oil industry [2019](44)(3)

Commonwealth Law Bulletin 476-491.

e. Lessons from Legal Transubstantiation: Analyzing the Nigerian Environmental

Protection Regime [2018](1)(4) African Nazarene University Law Journal(ANULJ)


f. The Economic Community of West African States and its Members: A Success Story

of Integrated Development[2018]21 Reicht in Afrika (Law in Africa) Droi en Afrique


g. Promoting a More Efficient Corporate Governance in Nigeria through the Law

[2019](45)(4) Commonwealth Law Bulletin 697-715.

h. Evaluating Nigeria’s Position on Intended Nationally Determined Contributions under

the 2015 Paris Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals [2020] (34)

Ocean Year Book.

i. Legal, Political and Economic Role of Transnational Corporations [2020] Business

Law Review 97.

j. Revenge Pornography in Nigeria: A Call for Legal Response and Cyber-Censorship

of Contents by Internet Service Providers [2020]()() African Journal of Legal Studies.


k. The Ethics of Tax Evasion and its Effect on Revenue Generation in Nigeria [2018]

(vol 3) NIALS Journal of Business Law 95.

l. Obstacles to Effective Participation of Civil Society Organisations in Nigerian

Extractive Industry Initiative [2021](13)(1) African Review 1-11

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