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Doctor/Ph.D member- Dr. Philip Effiom Ephraim

Dr. Philip Effiom Ephraim holds a PhD in Communications and Media Management from Girne American University, Cyprus.

Currently, he teaches courses in media, journalism and communication at The Higher Colleges of Technology, Ras Al Khaimah College, UAE.

Philip has also taught and researched in Cyprus and his native Nigeria.

His research focuses on the applications of communication tactics and new media technologies within various socio-political, cultural and organizational contexts.

Member of Chartered Institute of Public Relations, UK.


PhD in Communications and Media Management from Girne American University, Cyprus.

Area of expertise

Applied Communication, Media and Journalism

Communication and Media Consultant



Ephraim, P. (2020) Music Theory in Practice for Schools and Colleges Book 1. Calabar: The Masters Music Academy & Arts Foundation ISBN: 978-37540-4-1

SCOPUS/Web of Science

Ephraim, P. (2020) The Potentials of Radio in Combating Misinformation about COVID-19 in Nigeria, Fake News Is Bad News - Hoaxes, Half-truths and the Nature of Today’s Journalism. Jan Visnovsky (Ed.) DOI:

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Ephraim, P. (2020) #payusviaBVN: Social Media, Lockdowns and Social Welfare in Nigeria, in S. Ramasubramanian (Ed.) Quarantined Across Borders Blog Series. Media Rise. Texas A&M University, USA. Accessible at:


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Book Chapters:

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Book Critiques:

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