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Doctor/Ph.D member- Dr. Sobia Sadia


Tsinghua University, Beijing China


1. Chen H, Wang X, Han J, Fan Z, Sadia S, Zhang R, Guo Y, Jiang Y, Wu Y (2017) AKT and its

related molecular feature in aged mice skin. PLoS One 12(6):e0178969

2. Wang S, Mo M, Wang J, Sadia S, Shi B, Fu X, Yu L, Tredget EE, Wu Y (2018) Platelet- derived

growth factor receptor beta identifies mesenchymal stem cells with enhanced engraftment to tissue injury and pro-angiogenic property. Cell Mol Life Sci. 75(3):547-561

3. Javed S, Ali M, Sadia S, Aslam MA, Masood AI, Shaikh RS, Sayyed AH (2011) Combined effect of menopause age and genotype on occurrence of breast cancer risk in Pakistani population.

4. Maturitas 69:377-3824. Sohail A, Kanwal N, Ali M, Sadia S, Masood AI, Ali F, Iqbal F, Crickmore N, Shaikh RS, Sayyed AH. (2013). Effects of glutathione-S-transferase polymorphisms on the risk of breast cancer: A

population-based case-control study in Pakistan, Environ Toxicol Pharmacol. 35(2):143-53.

5. Kausar T, Jaworek TJ, Tariq N, Sadia S, Ali M, Shaikh RS, Ahmed ZM. (2013). Genetic studies

of TYRP1 and SLC45A2 in Pakistani patients with nonsyndromic oculocutaneo us albinism. J Invest Dermatol. 133(4):1099-1102.


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