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Doctor/ Ph.D member- Dr. Tonye Clinton Jaja

tonye clinton jaja

Doctor of Philosophy in Law

(Legislative Drafting), Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, School of Advanced Study (SAS), University of London,


Master of Laws (LLM), Legislative Drafting ,

Nigerian Institute of Advanced Legal

Studies, University of Lagos campus, Lagos State, Nigeria, 2006

Research interests:

legislative drafting

law reform

comparative law


BOOKS authored by Dr. Tonye Clinton Jaja


T.C.Jaja, “Access to Justice in Sharia Courts” (Published book)-Reviewed in Cambrian Law Review, Vol. 37, 2006, Aberstwyth University, United Kingdom


T.C.Jaja, “A Dictionary of Legislative Drafting and Law-Making Terms”(Germany, Lambeth Academic Publishers, July 2012)


Tonye Clinton Jaja, Legislative Drafting: An Introduction to Modern Theories and Principles (Oisterwijk, The Netherlands, Wolf Legal Publishers, August 2012).


T. C. Jaja, Legislative Drafting and Statutory Interpretation: An Introduction (Lagos: MALTHOUSE PRESS, 2017)


T. C.Jaja, Legislative Drafting: A Comparative and Development Law Approach (Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, U.K., Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2015)


T.C.Jaja, “An Introduction to Comparative Legislative Drafting” (USA: University Press an Imprint of Hamilton Books, 2018) (forthcoming book a copy of the Publishing Contract/Agreement is enclosed).


T.C.Jaja, “Four (4) Legal and Constitutional Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for measuring performance of Legislators and Legislatures in Nigeria”: Essays in Honour of Hon. Dr. Oladipupo Adebutu, Member of the House of Representatives, National Assembly (Abuja: LEGISMITHS LAW BOOKS, 2018) forthcoming

Chapter in BOOKS authored BY DR. T.C.JAJA


T.C.Jaja, “Legislative Drafting Office as a Tool for Regional Integration: A Comparative Study of EU and ECOWAS” in L.Hamalai (ed.) 40 Years of Regional Integration by the ECOWAS: A Book of Readings (Abuja: National Institute for Legislative Studies, 2015), available online: http://webvm/library/books/view/3


T.C.Jaja, “Legislature and Judicial Independence: A Legislative Drafting Analysis”, Chapter 7 of the book: “Judicial Independence in Africa” (edited by Professor Dr. Wahab Egbewole), Wildy, Simmonds and Hill Publishing, United Kingdom:


T.C.Jaja, “The Nigerian Approaches to Interpretation of Statutes and Legislative Drafting: An Analysis Nigerian Judgments on Purposive Approach” in Legislative Drafting and Statutory Interpretation: Comparative Perspectives from the United Kingdom, Canada, Malta and Nigeria (Malta: Faculty of Laws, University of Malta, 2018 ) advertised on the University of Malta


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