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Doctor/Ph.D member- Muhammad Saud

Muhammad Saud is a researcher based in South and East Asia. He is the author of studies on Youth and political participation. He lectures in Sociology, worked in the development sector (NGOs), and has contributed to a series of youth development projects and particularly on Health and Education, at the grassroots level.

He is working with think tanks to promote youth as the main indicator of social change in the democratic society. He started his career from the spirit of volunteerism and got the Best Volunteer Award from UNESCO partners in Asia. He's currently engaged in funded projects with Indonesian and Pakistani universities on the Democratic Practice and Youth political participation. He is also associated with national and international forums.

Muhammad Saud / Instituto de diplomacia publica

Doctor of Philosophy (Sociology)

Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) Surabaya, Indonesia, 2017- 2020

Skills and Expertise

Youth and Politics

Social Networks

Rural Sociology


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