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Doctor/Ph.D. member- Dr. Pravin Kumar Kushwaha

INSTITUT DE DIPLOMATIE PUBLIQUE deeply saddened by the news of Doctor/Ph.D. member of the Institut Dr. Pravin Kumar Kushwaha passing.

Our thoughts and prayers are with his family.

Our most sincere condolences.

Pravin Kumar Kushwaha


(Science Policy Studies)

­ Ph.D. Thesis (2015): Urban Vulnerability, Technology and Risk: Transforming Delhi into a Megacity ­

M.Phil. Dissertation (2008): Vulnerability and the ‘Paradigm Shift’: Debating India’s Disaster Management Framework (2005) ­

M.Sc. (2005): Disaster Mitigation ­ M.Sc. (1999): Environmental Science

Areas of expertise - Urban Studies, Disaster Studies and Science and Technology Studies (STS)

• Research & Methodology – conducted research and experiments based on several methodological approaches of Science and Technology Studies (STS) such as Science Policy Analysis, Actor-Network-Theory (ANT) & Ethnomethodology, Citizens Science Approach, Transformation Lab (T-Lab), Pathways Approach, Scenario Planning etc.

• Research, Policy Analysis & Technology Implementation – Vulnerability and Disaster Management, Solid waste Management, Urban infrastructure planning and services, Decentralised Wastewater Treatment (DWWT) Systems, Constructed wetlands for wastewater treatment and Reuse, Rain Water Harvesting (RWH) Systems, Check Dams in Aravali Hills.


Kushwaha, P. (Forthcoming Book Chapter): Technology, Policy and the Governance of Solid Waste Management: Rethinking Transformation of Solid Waste Management Infrastructure in Indian Cities.

Abrol, D. and Kushwaha, P. (Forthcoming Book Chapter): Enabling Transformations to Sustainability: Rethinking Urban Water Management in Gurgaon India.

Singh, P., Marshall, F., Kushwaha, P.K. and Desai, P. (2020): ‘Pathways for Sustainable Urban Waste Management and Reduced Environmental Health Risks in India: Winners, Losers and Alternatives to Waste to Energy in Delhi, Frontiers in Sustainable Cities, 2:14. doi: 10.3389/frsc.2020.00014

Ely, A., Marin, A., Charli-Joseph, L., Abrol, D., Apgar, M., Atela, J., … Yang, L. (2020). Structured Collaboration Across a Transformative Knowledge Network—Learning Across Disciplines, Cultures and Contexts? Sustainability, 12(6), 2499.

Kushwaha, P. (2018): ‘Conflicting Paradigms and the Danger Discourse: Re-thinking Indian Disaster Management Framework in the Post-tsunami Era’, in Reddy, S. (Ed) The Asian Tsunami and PostDisaster Aid, Springer: New Delhi.

Kushwaha, P., Randhawa, P., Marshall, F. and Desai, P. (2018): ‘Waste to Energy in Delhi: Alternatives towards Sustainable Urban Waste Management’, TRCSS Working Paper: 1/2018,

Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi

Desai, P., Abrol, D., Ritu Priya and Kushwaha, P. (2016): ‘Mobilizing for Transformative Change towards Sustainability and Social Change’, Conference Proceedings of Transformative Knowledge

Workshop III, November 5-8, International Social Science Council, Paris and Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi.

Desai, P. et al. (2016): ‘Urbanisation and Sustainability in the Era of Globalisation: Emerging

Scenarios in the South Western National Capital Region (NCR)’, work-in-progress project report, December, Tranasdisciplinary Research cluster on Sustainability Studies (TRCSS), Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi.

Desai, P., Abrol, D., Ritu Priya and Kushwaha, P. (2016): ‘Pathways to Sustainable Urbanisation’, Conference Proceedings of International Conference on Pathways to Sustainable Urbanisation, January 29-30, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi.

Desai, P., Randhawa, P., Kushwaha, P. and Yadav, S. (2012): Urban Waste management and Environmental Health in India: Actors, Agencies and Institutions in Emerging Waste Treatment Technologies, Centre for Studies in Science policy: New Delhi.

Kushwaha, P. (2008): “Disaster and Development: A Critical Review of India’s Disaster Management Framework”, Jamsetji Tata Centre for Disaster Management Working Paper, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai, No. 5, May


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