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Doctor/Ph. D member-Qamar Abbas Jafri

Qamar Jafri / Instituto de diplomacia publica

Qamar Jafri is doctoral researcher in youth peacebuilding at School of Global Urban and Social Studies of RMIT University Australia. Qamar envisions and specializes in youth engagement for peace and development of society. His research interests include social identity, civil society and digital media in context of Asia-Pacific region. Qamar recently published a research blog on sexual violence and gender intersectionality, a journal article on drivers of violent extremism in educated youth, a policy brief on social media and peace activism, and a case study on inclusive peace. Qamar's forthcoming publications include a Special Report on nonviolent civil resistance, and a book chapter on digital peacebuilding. Qamar is the recipient of Lisle International peace grant 2021, a 2019 Toda Peace Institute Japan policy brief authorship award, a 2018 International Centre on Nonviolent Conflict fellowship on civil resistance, and the 2017 fully funded RMIT International Postgraduate Research scholarship. Previously, Qamar has contributed to local development, education and research in Pakistan for more than ten years



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