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Doctor/PhD Member- Dr. BERTA TUBILLEJAS ANDRÉS (EU, Spain)


Dr. Berta Tubillejas Andrés has a degree in Business Administration and Management (University of Valencia) with an extraordinary prize, and obtained a PhD in Marketing at the University of Valencia in 2015. She has extensive and proven experience as a professional in the field of performing arts.

She is also Master in Cultural Services Management. Likewise, she has developed an artistic career as a pianist and singer. Her professional experience within the University focuses on research for university-business contracts and she is a teaching consultant at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya too.

Her research interests include the study of consumer behavior, service marketing and internationalization, specializing in the cultural and non-profit sector. Her research has been published, among other journals, in Journal of Service Theory and Practice, European Journal of International Management or Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly or International Review of Public and Nonprofit Marketing. Moreover, she is invited to be in conference and others for presenting her research.