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Doctor/PhD member- Muhammad Rizwan

Muhammad Rizwan currently works at the Department of Soil and Water Science, China Agricultural University. Muhammad does research in Soil Science. Their current project is 'Production, modification and application of modified biochar for enhancing heavy metal removal efficiency'.

Muhammad Rizwan / institute for public diplomacy

Research Interests

 Production, characterization and application of biochar from agricultural, forest and solid, waste materials.

 Soil chemistry and trace metal dynamics: behavior, cycling, speciation, availability of

trace metals

 Environment friendly utilization of biomass resources

 Carbon sequestration and climate change mitigation

 Remediation of heavy metal-contaminated soils and water

 Environmental risk management


1. Rizwan, M., Lin. Q., Chen, X., Li, Y., Li, G., Zhao, X., Tian, Y., 2020. Synthesis, characterization and application of magnetic and acid modified biochars following alkaline pretreatment of rice and cotton straws. Sci. Total Environ. 714, 136532.

2. Rizwan, M., Lin. Q., Adeel, M., Li, G., Zhao, X. Comparison of Pb2+ adsorption and desorption by several chemically modified biochars derived from steam exploded oilrape straw. Applied Eco. and Environ. Res. (Recently Accepted, In Print).

3. Rizwan, M., Ijaz, S.S., Hussain, Q., Khalid, A., Bashir, K., Hassan, A., 2015. Dissimilar improvement of soil organic carbon pools with different manures in a subtropical dryland. J. Bio. & Env. Sci. 6(3), 213-218.

4. Chen, X., Lin. Q., Rizwan, M., Zhao, X., Li, G. 2019. Steam explosion of crop straws improves the characteristics of biochar as a soil amendment. J. Integr. Agric. 18, 2-11.

5. Irfan, M., Rafiullah, Kaleri, F., Rizwan, M., Mehmood, I., 2017. Potential value of biochar as a soil amendment: A review. Pure and Applied Biology 6(4), 1494-1502.

6. Chen, X., Lin. Q., Xiao, H., Rizwan, M., Zhao, X., Li, G. 2019. Characteristics of Cd2+ sorption/desorption of modified oilrape straw biochar. Transactions of the Chinese Society of Agricultural Engineering (Transactions of the CSAE) 35(18): 220-227. (in Chinese with English abstract)

7. Influence and mechanism of various modified biochar on Pb accumulation in Brassica chenines L. and Pennisetum polystachion L. in a co-planting system- a greenhouse study. (In Pipeline) 8. Role of shared rhizosphere zone and various doses of mineral enriched biochars in accumulation of Pb by Pakchoi (Chinese cabbage) in the presence of known Pb hyperaccumulator plant. (In Pipeline)

Muhammad Rizwan / diploma of Institut de diplomatie


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