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Experts needed

The Institute is continuously looking for external expertise to evaluate, monitor and review the IPD innovation model.

Who we are looking for?

The Institute typically seeks experts with experience in working with business, education or research organisations or with experience integrating business, education and research activities.

Who we are looking for?

Experts on a particular aspect of the IPD innovation model:*


Business Creation

Research-driven Innovation

Innovation Management

Regional Innovation Capacity

Financial Sustainability

Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation

Digital Technologies

Sustainable Energy

Healthy Living and Active Aging

Raw Materials and Circular Economy

Sustainable Food Supply Chain

Value-Added Manufacturing

Urban Mobility

Cultural and Creative Sectors and Industries (CCSI)

*Combined expertise may be required.

How can you help?


How can you apply?

Experts from Central and Eastern European countries and female experts are particularly welcome to apply.

Read more about the protection of personal data of experts.


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