INSTITUT DE DIPLOMATIE PUBLIQUE / INSTITUTO DE DIPLOMACIA PUBLICA is an independent organisation that acts as a platform for collaboration in the field of public diplomacy.

Our core purpose is to advance public diplomacy, by bringing academics at all stages of their career together from across the world to share ideas, publish research and grow networks.

We are a community-based, volunteer-driven internationally operating membership organization registered in the United Kingdom under the provisions of the Companies Act 2006, dedicated to facilitating the global exchange of information and knowledge.

Number in UK Register: 12623951.

This Platform (www. Publicdiplomacy. online} is a service of the Institut de diplomatie publique, transformed from the earlier social media network. Since the Platform was formed in 2012, we have grown in size and influence. We are thankful and proud to have such a diverse community coming together helping us shape the future of public diplomacy.

This platform aims to advance public diplomacy, by combining research and practice in order to provide evidence-based information and guidance on implementing Inclusive Policy in the public diplomacy field. This video explains how the Institut works with its members.

How we work?

We do not receive monetary donations for our programs but depend strictly on our community's voluntary support.

Membership is free and we don’t demand any contribution for membership, neither in time or money.

We are self-supporting through our own volunteer work because the Institute is a fellowship of members who share free results of their research, knowledge, skills, experience, and hope with each other that they may solve our common problems and help others.

The Institute is not allied with any political organization and does not wish to engage in any political, religious, or government controversy. We are not a conflict-oriented community, we don't focus on change through appeals to authority (i.e., pressuring established power structures for desired changes), we don't create alternative systems outside of established power structures. Our members join together to determine needs, plan ways of meeting and mobilize the necessary resource within the democratic system of value.

Institut de diplomatie publique membership

We provide a direct channel of interaction among cultural activists, media, IGOs and NGOs, academics, and the private sector in the field:

Cultural diplomacy

Science Diplomacy Economic diplomacy

Health diplomacy Social  diplomacy Municipal diplomacy Sports diplomacy

We support objective research, analysis, and reports, as well as organizing international conferences on salient issues in international relations, global economy, culture, human rights.

Free membership is open to individuals,  that share the aims and objectives of the Institute.

We don’t demand any contribution for membership, neither in time or money. We are self-supporting through our own volunteer work because the Institute is a fellowship of individuals who share free results of their research, knowledge, skills, experience, strength, and hope with each other that they may solve our common problems and help others.

Before You Apply please carefully read the tasks involved and ensure you meet the requirements (i.e. skills and competencies).

Categories of membership.

There are 7 categories of membership, which fall into one of three :

• Doctoral / Ph.D.  • Professional • Pre-professional

Benefits of Membership The Institut offers many benefits to its members (note that benefits differ by membership category).

No fee for membership

Individual counseling-ASK THE EXPERT option free

Grievance representation and legal services Subscriptions to our  member-related publications Full access to the  website, including sections for members only Listing in the Membership Directory

Click here to read more about the benefits of the membership.

A member of the Institute receives a  Certificate or DIPLOMA  (with supplement), which will be sent to him after approval membership. The Certificate (Diploma) will outline the class of membership, area, and the programs that a member is supporting in the field of public diplomacy and other relevant details.

About the Membership Process  If your application is accepted, an email will be sent asking you to submit supporting documents: CV and photo. Applicants will be notified about the status of their application. We will process your application in approximately 10 business days.

If you are not yet convinced of the advantages of being a member, you can join for two years as an observer.

Universities or other training institutes and NGOs are welcome as associate members.


Doctor/PhD members

Professional members

Frequently asked questions for students How much does it cost to be a student membership? Membership is free. Membership for Ph.D. students only? No, any full-time student of a higher education program can be a student. How can I participate after entering the Institute? There are many opportunities to be involved with the Institute, including attending conferences and webinars, joining a special interest group, reading our magazine, and networking with members. How can I develop my professional relationship? The key to developing professional relationships with members is active participation in the activities of the Institute, including conferences, special interest groups, and volunteer opportunities. Active participation in events ensures familiarity with existing participants and serves as the basis for building new relationships and friendships. Get involved, participate, and contribute! How can the Institute be useful for practitioners? The institute provides an opportunity for practitioners to interact with academics to improve practice and influence future research. Scientists are always open to discussing how research can lead to better solutions and learning outcomes. Researchers are also willing to collaborate with practitioners in solving implementation problems in the field with new ideas and suggestions for improvement. And scientists want feedback from practitioners on the application of research in the field to improve future research plans. How do I go from professional member to Doctor/ PhD member? Once you complete your dissertation, you will be asked to join the Institute as a Doctor/ PhD member. Additional answers to frequently asked questions.

For information regarding membership: Dr. Oleg Weretelnik

Volunteer professor

The Institut values volunteer professors as important partners in research and education.

They play a significant role in the mission to transform public diplomacy.

Volunteer professors are community volunteers who conduct research in various areas.

The appointment constitutes a valuable way to utilize a volunteer’s interest on a non-salaried, voluntary basis in the areas of teaching and research.

Appointees must contribute significantly to Institut programs.

The appointments are not used for political or honorary purposes.

Appointees in this series must contribute annually by participating in teaching and research.

Volunteer professor appointments receive no compensation.

An advanced degree is required.

Other skills may include policy expertise, significant public service, community leadership and collaborative research. Based on experience, volunteer clinical faculty are appointed at the rank of instructor, assistant, associate or full professor.