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Global Call for Best Practices in Public Diplomacy

Institut de diplomatie publique aims to collect best practices in public diplomacy at all levels with a particular focus on countries with limited economic resources.


The resulting database of best practices will be an important tool to better understand the current public diplomacy landscape, share lessons learned, identify and connect public diplomacy actors around the world, develop practitioner guides to support the public diplomacy practitioners, build capacity, and further develop innovative solutions for a new model of public diplomacy in a collaborative, inclusive and transparent manner.


(1) to redefine the role of public diplomacy in an increasingly globalized and interdependent world

(2) to create an inclusive public diplomacy partnership to tackle global challenges, and

(3) to employ a model of collaborative stakeholder diplomacy multilaterally and at multiple levels to reach responses to crises.

Institute is rewriting the rules of traditional diplomacy because the current system of state diplomacy is no longer fit for purpose and excludes those most affected by decision-making.

Students, postdocs, policy fellows, early career researchers and young professionals from around the world are invited to submit articles (INFO@INSTITUT.UK)

Best Papers Competition:

Following submission review via review process, we will select the top 5 publications.

Authors of the top 3 publications will be invited to present at a dedicated public diplomacy event.


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