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Global Parliamentary Forum - Innovative Solutions for Turbulent Times

The 2022 Annual Meetings edition of the Global Parliamentary Forum, themed "Innovative Solutions for Turbulent Times" will take place virtually on October 6, 10 and 11, 2022. The forum, co-organized by the World Bank Group, the IMF and the Parliamentary Network on the World Bank and IMF, engages parliamentarians in a dialogue on development and matters related to the global economy, with discussions between Members of Parliament (MPs), experts from the World Bank Group and the IMF, and other stakeholders.


This forum will be an occasion for sharing of experiences and best practices to address the food crisis from the perspective of supply chain disruptions, the urgent need for climate financing amidst limited fiscal space, and an update on progress to achieve the Africa Human Capital Plan for the Sub-Saharan Africa.

Sessions will include:

  • Thursday, October 6 - Investing in People, Transforming Communities: Human Capital Results in Africa in collaboration with the World Bank Human Development and regional Sub-Saharan Africa teams. The meeting will provide an update on the status of the Human Capital Plan in the Sub-Saharan Africa region, with an overview of progress being made across the continent and successful interventions being pursued.

  • Monday, October 10 - Safeguarding Food Supply Chains will explore novel solutions for keeping markets open and providing support to those most at risk of famine as sharp increases in food, energy and fertilizer costs are prompting some countries to implement trade restrictions.

  • Tuesday, October 11 - The Urgent Need for Climate Finance will present the World Bank’s new Country Climate and Development Reports (CCDRs) as well as IMF policy advice, surveillance, and capacity building that can serve as crucial tools to parliamentarians in identifying gaps and taking meaningful action to tackle climate change.

The World Bank Group Event

3 Sessions October 6, 10 and 11: Streaming in Arabic, English, French and Spanish

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