Health diplomacy

The role of diplomacy in health is vital. As health becomes an ever more critical element in foreign policy, security policy, development strategies and trade agreements, new skills are needed to negotiate for health in the face of other interests.

Institut de diplomatie publique

An increasing number of health challenges can no longer be resolved at the technical level only – they require political negotiations and solutions, and often need to involve a wide range of actors. Health diplomacy takes place at many levels. Global health diplomacy focuses on those health issues that need the cooperation of many countries to address issues of common concern, but health diplomacy can also play a central role at the regional, bilateral and national level.

There is an increasing recognition of health as a goal of foreign policy and as a key contributor to development, peace, poverty reduction, social justice and human rights. Health diplomacy can have an important role in supporting sustainable development by addressing health as a social and economic issue of high relevance and in dealing both individually and collectively with health challenges.