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Participation in PD Activities: How To Become A Post Contributor?

Members of the Institut de diplomatie publique are expected to keep their Continuing Professional Development Requirements (CPD) up to date in order to maintain their membership.

The Institute has conditions around the types of CPD you complete towards your continued membership.

Every time you submit an article or post , your CPD record will be automatically updated.

After the successful submission of an article or post, members accrue a minimum of 4 CPD points.

As a contributor, you’ll have the ability to submit article and posts as and when you like.

It could be as often as once a month (our recommended max), or once a year - whenever you feel like you have something important and authoritative to say.


We welcome multi- and interdisciplinary papers (articles, posts) from economic and political sciences, international relations, diplomacy, and related fields.


Before your post can be published, you need to have a Member account. In order to access your Member Profile you need to log into your account with the email and password you used to sign up. Once you accept the invitation to collaborate on the website, you’ll be able to contribute based on your assigned role and permissions and access this site. As a contributor, you have the ability to submit and edit your article and posts from the Members Area in the Blog Posts tab and the My Drafts tab. You need to log into your account and then Go to your dashboard Click on the Blog Posts Click Create New Post. When you're ready, click Publish

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After publication, share and promote.

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