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How to Rewrite the Rules of Traditional Sports Diplomacy?

Institut de diplomatie publique develops a model of a more participatory non-state sports diplomacy, especially through social media, to help stakeholders interact internationally around shared values, including democracy, human rights, rule of law, individual liberty, mutual respect and tolerance which also apply to sport.

Instead of state-to-state sports diplomacy as interactions between representatives of states, we co-create:

people-to-state sports diplomacy,

people-to-international organisations sports diplomacy, and

people-to-people sports diplomacy.

The aim is to rewrite the rules of traditional sports diplomacy because the current system is no longer fit for purpose and excludes those most affected by decision-making.

Call for articles

We are inviting you to submit articles on the topic of sport, diplomacy and shared value.

You can contribute on behalf of a not-profit organisation highlighting how you are tackling the issue or as an individual sharing your views on the topic.

We are open to receiving articles on a range of subjects.

Contributors are free to explore other questions in addition to listed above.


Send your contributions in English, Spanish or French to

Articles should:

Be 300-900 words long,

Include a relevant photo, for which you own the copyright, or is subject to some form of creative commons license.

Include a 1-2 sentence biography of the author(s)

Include links to any websites, Twitter profiles or Facebook accounts you would like associated with the post

Not be promotional or press releases, but rather share learning for the broader field.

More information:

There will be a sports diplomacy webinar.

Please send any questions about the sport and diplomacy at

We also encourage you to actively promote this opportunity throughout your sports community networks, and consider any local program that you think may benefit from our activity.


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