Human Rights Education for Legal Professionals

The HELP (Human Rights Education for Legal Professionals) online courses are free and hosted on the HELP online platform.

They can be taken as:

Selfstudy courses, available publicly for unlimited access to anyone who creates an account on the HELP online platform. If you would like to take any of the HELP courses for selflearning, just log-in with your HELP account on the HELP online platform and click on the language code under the picture of the course that you would like to take.

Tutored courses organised in cooperation with a national partner institution, usually national training institutions for judges and prosecutors (NTIs) or Bar associations (BAs).

The HELP tutored courses are facilitated/moderated by a HELP certified tutor, who was trained by the HELP Secretariat.

Although the primary target group of the Council of Europe HELP courses are legal professionals (judges, prosecutors and lawyers), some interdisciplinary courses may involve other professionals (health and medical specialists, prison and probation staff, law enforcement, journalists, Ombudsperson staff, NGOs, etc.).

Explore all HELP (Human Rights Educationfor Legal Professionals) online courses, which are accessible for free.

Course list

Access to Justice for women

Admissibility criteria for applications submitted to the European Court of Human Rights

Alternative measures to detention and community sanctions

Alternatives to Immigration Detention

Asylum and Human Rights

Business and Human Rights

Child-friendly Justice

Combating trafficking in human beings

CPT Standards

Data Protection and Privacy Rights

Ethics for Judges, Prosecutors and Lawyers

Family Law and Human Rights

Fight Against Racism, Xenophobia, Homophobia and Transphobia

Freedom of Expression

Gathering and Use of Evidence in Counter Terrorism Cases

Hate Crime and Hate Speech

Human Rights in Sport

Internal Displacement

International Cooperation on Criminal Matters

Introduction to the European Convention on Human Rights and the European Court of Human Rights

Key Human Rights Principles in Biomedicine

Labour Rights as Human Rights

Pharmaceutical crime and the MEDICRIME Convention

Pre Trial Investigation and the European Convention on Human Rights

Procedural Safeguards in Criminal Proceedings and Victims' Rights

Prohibition of Ill-Treatment in Law Enforcement, Security and Other Coercive Contexts

Protection and Safety of Journalists

Property Rights and the European Convention on Human Rights

Radicalisation Prevention

Reasoning of Criminal Judgments

Refugee and Migrant Children

Right to Liberty and Security - Article 5 of the European Convention on Human Rights

Right to the Integrity of the Person (Bioethics)

Right to Respect for Family and Private Life - Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights

Rights of Persons with Disabilities

The Environment and Human Rights

Transitional Justice and Human Rights

Violence Against Women and Domestic Violence