UNESCO IPL PUBLIC DIPLOMACY E-TEAM: Invitation for researchers to join.

We sincerely invite present and future Ph.Ds and Postdocs to join the high-level project "PUBLIC DIPLOMACY ECOSYSTEM" organized by Institut de diplomatie publique- an independent, non-governmental membership voluntary research organization, formed in the United Kingdom and registered under the provisions of the Companies Act 2006, dedicated to facilitating the global exchange of information and knowledge in the field of public diplomacy.  

Number in UK Register: 12623951.


We provide a direct channel of interaction among cultural activists, media, IGOs and NGOs, academics, and the private sector in the field:

Science diplomacy

Cultural diplomacy Economic diplomacy

Health diplomacy Social  diplomacy

Humanitarian diplomacy Municipal diplomacy Sports diplomacy

Public Diplomacy Online is a platform for assessing and evaluating complex international issues that are often outside the boundaries of mainstream media and academia.

96 % of our Doctor/Ph.D. members have a doctoral degree from an accredited institutions.

Our Council is comprised of distinguished analysts, academics, public diplomats from all over the globe. We seek diversity in professional backgrounds, skills and employment history that is why the Institut aims to draw at least 30 percent of the Doctoral/ Ph.D. members from professional backgrounds other than the public diplomacy field.

As of 1st August 2021, Institut de Diplomatie Publique has more than 200 Doctor/Ph.D. members, more than 2000 professional members, volunteers and observers.

We provide impartial and unbiased qualitative analysis. Perhaps most importantly, you can find hire non-Western analysis that is rarely, if ever, seen or hard in the West.

The Platform let our audience decide, free from pressure, propaganda, or forced direction, something that is unfortunately rare in today's disinformation age.

The Institute is not allied with any political organization and does not wish to engage in any political, religion or government controversy. 

Institut de diplomatie publique constitutes a community in which members connect and collaborate in their endeavors.

We provide free a platform for expanding access to knowledge, expertise, insights, best practices, skills for advancement in an interactive way. Members can even propose to broadcast their own events and reach out to thousands of their peers from across the globe.

We offer to present and future Ph.Ds and Postdocs our free membership and:

1. the international scientific environment - the opportunity to work with experienced scholars.

2. access to multinational enterprise databases, visit the international scientific conference to present the results of the selected project research topic .

3. the opportunity to have a consultant and dissertation supervisor, who are the specialists in a scientific subject.

If you would you like to join the Ph.D. council and participate in the work of Institute please

Fill this Form

Download PDF • 31KB

If your application is accepted, an email will be sent asking you to submit supporting documents: CV, employer & personal references, writing samples.

Following the review of supporting documents, the next stage is an interview on WhatsApp.

• If an application is approved, it is then sent to the Board of Directors with a recommendation for membership approval.

• Applicants will be notified as to the status of their application.

We will process your application in approximately 20 business days.


To be a PhD member of the Institute you need a Ph.D. degree from a regionally accredited institution. Your degree needs to be based, in part, upon a PD dissertation or other evidence of proficiency in PD scholarship.

The minimum number of published work for applying PhD membership is one publication with a high impact index/ Science Citation Index.

Don’t meet these criteria?

That’s OK — we still welcome your participation.

The Institute offers other membership categories that may be a better fit for you.

To browse other options see Types of Membership.

For more detailed information about the project, please contact Dr. O. Weretelnik