Membership Frequently Asked Questions

Individuals who have obtained their doctoral degrees are eligible for Doctoral / Ph.D.  membership for a period of up to five years.

Ph.D. students of accredited institutions also are eligible for Doctoral / Ph.D.  membership for a period of up to two years.

Please note that the minimum number of published work for applying PhD membership is one publication with a high impact index/ Science Citation Index.

Registering for Ph.D membership account with no previous articles published is unavailable- you are being asked to select articles that you have published -one article at minimum.

This application must include the start and completion dates of your education,  experience, research program,  publications with a high impact index/ Science Citation Index in order to be considered for membership.

Institut de diplomatie publique

Why join?

When you join the Institut de diplomatie publique you become part of a global public diplomacy network that acts together by mobilising our collective knowledge, skills, expertise, influence and power.

Our overall goal is to strengthen civil society and citizen action to build a more just, inclusive and sustainable world.

Why do you use the Pre-registration Form?

That way we can ensure you have selected the correct membership category.

The Membership Committee individually assesses each Application on its merits.

The first question which needs to be addressed is whether you are eligible to join the Institute, and then the membership Committee can consider the category of membership which is to be offered depending upon your experience and academic achievement. However, you can request that the Membership Committee consider you for a particular category of membership if you feel you satisfy most of the criteria, and/or advise you of the requirements you would need to satisfy for membership in the future.

Are there any fees or costs?

There is no fee or cost to join the Institute, only a commitment of your time.

Membership is free.

Membership for Ph.D. holders only?

No, any Ph.D. student of an accredited institution can be a member.

Proof of your registration as a Ph.D. student is required for membership.

How long will it take for the Institute to respond to my application?

Membership applications are normally processed within 2 weeks of receipt. We will contact you during this period should we require any further information.

Depending on your membership choice and your individual circumstances, our staff may invite you for an interview by WhatsApp.

How can the Institute be useful for practitioners?

The institute provides an opportunity for practitioners to interact with academics to improve practice and influence future research.

Scientists are always open to discussing how research can lead to better solutions and learning outcomes. Researchers are also willing to collaborate with practitioners in solving implementation problems in the field with new ideas and suggestions for improvement. And scientists want feedback from practitioners on the application of research in the field to improve future research plans.

How do I cancel my membership?

To cancel your membership to the Institute, contact by e-mail at

e-Diploma of membership