Actions through dialogue and cooperation.

The Platform (www.} is a service of the Institut de diplomatie publique, transformed from the earlier social media network.

Since the Platform was formed in 2012, we have grown in size and influence.

Currently, members of the Institute are focused on creating an PUBLIC DIPLOMACY ECOSYSTEM.

This E-team focuses on the co-creation of the public diplomacy ecosystem and on aligning public diplomacy practices with the standards of inclusive policies.

In order to encourage the active participation of ecosystem actors in the co-creation process, this E-team should ensure a clear vision and a shared value base on which the ecosystem activities may be built.

The Team develops and delivers inclusive, equity-weighted, and SDG-oriented policies in the following fields:

Science diplomacy

Cultural diplomacy

Economic diplomacy

Health diplomacy

Municipal diplomacy

Humanitarian diplomacy

Environmental diplomacy

Sports diplomacy

Water diplomacy.

On this basis, we will be able to build public diplomacy capacity, design the case for inclusive policies, and crowdsource tested solutions.

We are thankful and proud to have such a diverse community coming together helping us shape the future of public diplomacy.

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What's your idea?

Revolutionary or simple - we want to hear it.

The Institute is not allied with any political organization and does not wish to engage in any political, religious, or government controversy.

We are not a conflict-oriented community, we don't focus on change through appeals to authority (i.e., pressuring established power structures for desired changes), we don't create alternative systems outside of established power structures.

Our members join together to determine needs, plan ways of meeting and mobilize the necessary resource within the democratic system of value.

Our core purpose is to advance the field of public diplomacy science, by bringing academics at all stages of their career together from across the world to share ideas, publish research and grow networks.

Institut de diplomatie publique- Weretelnik Oleg

This is a new and innovative approach to the sharing of research ideas, preliminary findings, and establishing collaborations and contacts within the public diplomacy community in the field: Cultural, Economic , Social , Municipal , Health , and Sports diplomacy.

Specifically, our activities aim to have an impact by:

Expanding access to knowledge and expertise in areas related to Public Diplomacy

Increasing the understanding and use of public diplomacy routes in conflict resolution

Creating partnership opportunities for stakeholders in different fields: Trade, Culture, Education and Environment

Enhancing understanding and interaction between societies

We have dedicated volunteer professionals and professors who donate several to many hours per week to advise professors, students universities and NGOs in their areas of expertise.

In developing website we have responded to several issues we see in the current set-up with regards publication in academia. Firstly, It is a fast-moving forum focusing on new ideas rather than publishing established and polished work.

Secondly, and relatedly, there is often little opportunity to present new ideas, receive feedback and find collaborators from around the world: the Institute aims to be a platform where researchers and practitioners can reach out to the PD community with new ideas or interesting case studies and find people to collaborate with.

Thirdly, especially in the early career stages, it can be difficult to find support and mentorship to help us develop our ideas and refine our research questions: through using an innovative discussion and response format,the Institute matches up researchers and practitioners at different stages in their careers to give feedback and help push forward each others’ ideas through the publication of a new idea or question, and a response, with an open discussion (via reader’s comments) underneath each piece to “crowdsource” ideas from the community.

Through these three novel approaches- fast and open platform, focus on new ideas or potential research projects, and discussion format of the pieces – we aim to provide something different, and useful to the community beyond what traditional publishing routes are providing already. As co-creators of this new initiative, we ask you: Why not share your good research ideas, which might otherwise be stored as drafts or notes in your PC for ages, and invite others who are interested in your proposal to further develop them or join you to collectively carry out corresponding research?

This is the main motivation driving us to initiate the PD—a new form of publication —an open innovation platform for exchanging and growing research ideas, as well as expanding research collaboration.

Thematically, we will focus on the issues in the context of PD interactions between university, culture and NGO, and also with engagement of citizens.

We encourage those interested in publishing their ideas, or in acting as a discussant or mentor to get in touch with Dr. O.Weretelnik .

This is where community members (you!) get to share your ideas on ways we can make this community a great place for you to have discussions, share best practices, and to connect with community members.

We welcome suggestions on community features, new communities to create, and probably others that we may not have thought of yet! Please keep ideas constructive. Remember: socialize your ideas and ask other community members to upVote your idea.

Issue Number: Towards a socially responsible Institute: conceptual and analytical framework building.

Creating a network of worldwide academics, including a new type of professor, scientists, allied sister nonprofits, graduate and PhD students, college seniors, new media artists, engineers, creative and tech writers, CS/IT , HR professionals,journalists, nonprofit managers, project and program managers ...... all fiercely welcome !


What is Public diplomacy Platform? How is it different from the social media a community that preceded it?

The original social media community responded to a need that existed in a particular moment in time. That network of volunteers was established to translate the texts about public diplomacy. That effort was successful in over 12 countries on every continent.

But our network naturally evolved and began to include more people who were willing to participate in the field of public diplomacy.

Creators and activists started to increasingly contribute to the network; meanwhile, new challenges emerged that related to our community having a more active role in public diplomacy. Additionally, the Institut announced an internationalization process.These factors brought us to what we have today: a new network that’s based on the success of the past but looks at the challenges we should face in the future.

How did this change happen? Why did we do this?

We put out an open call for leadership, which more than 50 people from around the world volunteered to join. The Institute was responsible for identifying issues and opportunities, developing insights, and suggesting models for discussion.

WHY join?

• Stay connected to global actions in public diplomacy resources, practice, and policy.

• Identify, plan and coordinate multi-national public diplomacy content, practices and projects with an amazing group of leaders from around the world.

• Contribute to global perspectives on public diplomacy to strengthen worldwide.

• Connect your country / region to global public diplomacy initiatives.

• Be on the forefront in implementing public diplomacy global network strategy.

• Meet annually at the Public diplomacy Summit with members of the  Platform to celebrate successes, share best practices, and plan for the next year.

• Explore, practice, and share innovative methods for inclusive and open engagement with educators, learners around the world.

WHO should join?

• who working in the areas of public diplomacy resources, practices, and/or policy.

WHAT are we working on right now?

• Reaching the right people (you!) to build a strong public diplomacy platform.

• Developing decision making and engagement structures.

• Defining the goals and projects the Platform will pursue.

Joining the Platform is easy and free:

• Sign up for the email at website

• Review and contribute to the platform draft working doc.

• Attend and participate in the meetings.

You can stand up by supporting the work of Institut de diplomatie publique around the world.

Today, we ask for your support in helping build the our movement in public diplomacy, driving actions that will impact the lives of people.

We thank you for your support.

Update due to COVID-19 crisis **

In light of the current COVID-19 pandemic, the activities of the Institute have had to face some adaptations and some of our planned activities will now be postponed or adjusted if appropriate into virtual exchange format.