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New Requirements For The Submission Of Video and Written Statements

Following requests by members to contribute written or pre-recorded video statements to events, the below requirements are circulated to ensure that this can be done in a high-quality manner.

Requirements for the submission of video and written statements
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Requirements for submitting written statements

1. Written statements should adhere to the topic of discussion. 2. Written statement should be submitted in English, French or Spanish. 3. Written statements must not exceed 500 words. 4. Format 4.1. Use generic fonts and formatting. 4.2. Indicate the start of a new paragraph with a double line break. 4.3. Paragraphs should not be numbered. 4.4. Proof read and spell check. 4.5. Avoid abbreviations and acronyms, as well as footnotes. 5. Substance 5.1.The content should fully uphold UN standards. 5.2. Be accurate in your facts and figures. Do not use footnotes, endnotes or web links. Incorporate all information into the text of the statement. Consult UN terminology ( 5.3. Avoid quotations and acronyms. 5.4. Be clear and simple for greater advocacy impact. 5.5. Highlight a key idea at the beginning of a paragraph. 5.6. Avoid repeating information and ideas. 5.7. Avoid jargon. 5.8.Do not include contact details or information of the submitter or any other individuals in your statement text.

Requirements for submitting video statements

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For questions concerning the submission process, please contact us at

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