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NSA in the OSCE: From HR Advocacy to Peacebuilding

During recent two years, members of the Institute have observed that narrowly defined state interests have prevailed over concern for human rights principles and democratic values in international politics.

Strengthening and promoting the protection of human rights across the OSCE region is at the heart of the OSCE’s work.

Today, public diplomacy maintains its crucial relevance to the optimal functioning of politics in the OSCE region.

As public diplomats we regularly stress the importance of the OSCE’s comprehensive approach to security.

A key element of that approach includes a strong and unique commitment to engagement with non-state actors (NSA).

The OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR) supports NSA (individuals and civil society) with targeted training and education.

ODIHR covers a broad spectrum of issues:

Area 1. Promoting Holocaust remembrance and educational approaches to combat anti-Semitism Area 2. Promoting educational approaches to Intolerance and Discrimination against Muslims Area 3. Supporting the governments and civil society to implement quality human rights education in formal and non-formal education Area 4. Education on Roma and Sinti Issues Area 5. Trial Monitoring Training Area 6. Training to Support to Civil Society Area 7. Promoting Women’s Political Participation and Gender Equality

In the field of transnational threats, discussions on many topics frequently lead to an acknowledgement of the key role that NSA can play.

Through our expertise and independence, NSAs can bring unique perspectives to the OSCE.

We ask all participating States to recognise our potential contribution and make NSA participation in the OSCE a priority.

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