Ph.D. Council

The Ph.D. Council is a discussion platform for all Ph.D. members.

The Ph.D. Council represents and monitors the interests of the Ph.D. members at Institut de diplomatie publique.

Furthermore, members of the Ph.D. Council advise, update, and inform our committees on urgent and relevant matters. They also organize informal meetings.

The Ph.D. council aims to create better work conditions and communication opportunities for the Ph.D. members at the Institute.

Aims and Motivations

At the Ph.D. council, we would like to

Facilitate good relations between the Ph.D. students, and to this aim, we arrange social activities, workshops, and seminars, etc.

Promote the common interests for the Ph.D. members by raising important work-related topics and issues in discussion with the Institute to promote our joint interests

Be a reference organ which can give direction and support to the Ph.D. students in case of academic and work experience

Convey useful information to the Ph.D. students and increase communication opportunities between the local and the central level

Social Activities

One of our goals is to create a good work environment where the Ph.D. members find themselves in a friendly community with the others. We also have a strong motivation to facilitate more friendly collaborations among other members. The organization of social activities is one way to accomplish these goals.

Would you like to join the Ph.D. council and participate in the work of Institut de diplomatie publique?

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Frequently Asked Questions

I am a Ph.D. What can the Ph.D. Council do for me?

Welcome! We have made an information package for you, with all kinds of information. Please contact us if you would like this package.

I am interested in joining the Ph.D. Council. Is this possible?

Sure! That is if you want to gain experience, meet new people. We are always looking for extra help. We can always use people who like to organize and want to act as the voice of the Institute. Participating in the Ph.D. Council offers a range of great opportunities for you. If you have an idea for an event that could interest other members, if you see something that could be done better in Ph.D. supervision, then the Ph.D. council is for you.

How can I become a member of the Ph.D. Council?

If you are a Ph.D. and interested in representing your fellow PhDs, then join us in the Ph.D. Council! Please send your motivation and CV to and we will invite you to attend a meeting.

Do  members or Ph.D. Council members receive payment? No, our members are volunteers who contribute their expertise free of charge.

They serve a maximum of two, three-year terms, to constantly refresh ideas and skills.

Members of the Ph.D. Council advise, update and inform our committees on urgent and relevant matters. 96 % of our Doctor/Ph.D. members have a doctoral degree from an accredited institution.


As of 01 October 2020,  Institut de diplomatie Publique has 31  Ph/D  Council Members.

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