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Doctor/Ph. D member Zubeda Chaudhry

Professor-Dr Zubeda Chaudhry .

Zubeda Chaudhry / Institute for public diplomacy

Educational Backgrounds

BSC, Premadical.1987.(Silver Medal).MUZFRABAD UNIVERSITY AJK

MSc.Botany, 1990. Punjab University Lahore

Research student/Assistant Scientific Officer, 1989-1992, Worked on Pre-basic potato Tuber production program at ABI,NARC,ISLAMABAD and received Gold Medal from UGC,PAKISTAN

PhD Agronomy/ Phytopathology; Tohoku University Sendai Japan 1998

Post-Doctorate; Molecular Biology in 2012-2013 from Leicester University UK

Work Experience total=30+

Publication with IF=70+

Total Publication =200+

WORK History

PROFESSOR BIOLOGY (Microbiology) at Preston University 2019-continue

POST-DOC FELLOW at Biology Department, Leicester university UK (2012-2013) ; WRKY gene Constructs Studies and Motifs isolation from different Banana genomes followed their Confirmation By FISH(Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization)through Musa Chromosomes.

PROFESSOR/CHAIRPERSON ;Botany through syndicate reference No.4(1) Hu/Reg/2010/2088,dated 11- 20-2010 according to the service statement of HAZARA UNIVERSITY ACT-1997, through direct selection against permanent post .Job Assignment was HOD botany in addition teaching /research supervision for the subjects; BIOTECHNOLOGY,PLANT PHYSIOLOGY,BIO INFORMATICS

HEC-RECOGNIZED PROFESSOR (since 2009-till date) for PhD research supervision ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR (BPS, 20) Of Botany at HAZARA UNIVERSITY MANSEHRA (27th 2009- 20th October 2010-since till date).Job Title at HU was teacher/researcher with semi management role as HOD. Teaching subjects were Plant Biotechnology/Plant Physiology.

ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR BIOINFORMATICS (visiting) AT MAJU/CUST, ISLAMABAD since 2005-2006 ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR TTS CONTRACT based in Biotechnology program at International Islamic University Islamabad (August 2008 -30 January 2009)

ADJUNCT FACULTY ASSISTANT PROFESSOR at PMAS (1998-2008); Title was Research supervision for MS, PhD students

SCIENTIFIC OFFICER REGULAR (SO) at NARC (2001-2008), Title was; Disease resistant Tomato/potato production through gene transfer technology. Successfully completed 3 projects as PI POST-DOC-FELLOW(CDRI , NARC CHUCHK SHEZAD (June, 1998-2001) Research Title was ,Bacterial Wilt disease study in Tomato and its resistant cultivar production Through Xa-21 Gene construct transformation by Agro bacterium mediated gene transfer technology.

PHD.(Virology/ AGRONOMY )INTERNATIONAL STUDENT(1994-1998) from Tohoku university Sendai Japan Title was (Ethylene Biosynthesis From Mosaic leaves of Tobacco infected with CMV-Y and resistant gene Construction and its Analysis by using various Tomato and Arabidopsis gene Constructs). PRE-PhD, INTERNATIONAL RESEARCH STUDENT (April, 1993- April1994), one year Worked in. Plant Pathology Lab. Faculty of Agriculture Tohoku University, Sendai Japan Under supervision of Professor Dr E. Hara.

INTERNATIONAL RESEARCH STUDENT (April, 1994- April1998), 5years Worked in. Plant Pathology Lab. Faculty of Agriculture Tohoku University, Sendai Japan Under supervision of Professor Dr E. Hara.

ASO at tissue culture lab NARC CHUCK SHAHZAD (1990 – 1993) GOLD MEDAL from UGC Islamabad for outstanding work presented in international biological conference).


• Member of National Biotechnology Committee on curriculum revision by HEC

• Member of National Biochemistry Committee on curriculum revision by HEC

• Member of Institute Biotechnology Committee of NARC, Islamabad

• Member Pakistan Botanical Society

Other Activities

• Co-supervised many postgraduate theses in tissue culture studies of various crops.

• Co-organized two-national/international symposium on Plant Biotechnology.

• Co-principal Investigator of a project on Micro propagation of pre-basic Potato seed production through tissue culture from 1989-1994 funded by Agricultural Research Funds of PARC, Islamabad, Pakistan.

• Co-Principal Investigator of a project on development of transgenic Basmati rice resistant to bacterial blight funded by COMSTECH, Islamabad, Pakistan. External Co-Examiner to conduct practical examination in the subject of organic chemistry thesis for the annual examination 2002 at Department of Chemistry on 24-10-03 held at University of Azad jammu and Kashmir, Muazaffarabad.


1. HEC Recognized Professor since 2008

2. Remained member of HEC Biotechnology curriculum committee since 1998-2008.

3. Monbugakshu scholarship recipient for PhD.

4. Served as General Secretary for MEXT Alumina Japan 2001-2004.

5. HEC Post-Doc scholarship recipient for Post-doc at Leicester UK.

6. Successfully completed 3 Projects funded by PSF and ALP .

7. Achieved -RPA for 2009,10,11,12,13 for 5 years .

8. International Membership of Banana genome project by European countries.

9. Participated in many international/National workshops /trainings/conferences.

10. Served as Host scientist (NARC-ABI) in PTV-World in Kissan Time programme since 1998 till 2002.

11. Project In charge for ALP,PSF on Tomato Gene Trans formation and co-project Incharge on Potato seed production Project by ALP, PARC

12. Organized many conferences/training/workshops as committee member.

13. Chaired Many conference session/workshops Nationally and Internationally

14. Also served as Japanese language interpreter and work with Miyagi POLICE (1994-19998) 15. REMAINED member in Japanese Boys scouts and served with their outdoor activities (1994- 1998)


Microbiological techniques, NGS , Plant Tissue Culture, ELISA, Protein analysis, Peroxisomes, DNA Isolation and characterization. PCR.RT-PCR. FISH, HPLC. Chromosome isolation and characterizations. Molecular Genetics, Bioinformatics. Research article writing, report writing and field data collection expert, Team work.

Management Experience

1. Chairperson: Through University syndicates Department of Botany, Hazara University, 23rd 0ct, 2010 –April, 2012.

2. Acting HOD: Department of Botany, Hazara University, April, 2009-22nd Oct, 2010. 3. Project In charge: Transgenic Tomato production against Bacterial Wilt funded by Agricultural linkage Program.

4. Project In charge: Transgenic Tomato production funded by Pakistan Science Foundation

Language Course

"Japanese Intensive Language Course" at Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan.

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