Professional member- Dibyaranjan Samal

Dibyaranjan Samal

Research interests

Cell Biology, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Molecular Biology & Genetic Engineering, Genomics, Proteomics, Molecular Evolution & comparative Genomics, Micro Array/Biological Data Mining, C++, JAVA, PER


YEARFood preservatives and their uses: a short report

D Samal, S Gouda, JK Patra Asian Journal of Biology, 1-4122017

Probiotics: the ultimate nutritional supplement

RG Kerry, P Pradhan, D Samal, S Gouda, G Das, HS Shin, JK Patra Microbial biotechnology, 141-15252018

Application of plant growth promoting rhizobacteria in agriculture

S Gouda, RG Kerry, D Samal, GP Mahapatra, G Das, JK Patra Advances in Microbial Biotechnology, 73-8642018

Use of nanotechnology in food industry: a review

D Samal International Journal of Environment, Agriculture and Biotechnology 2 (4 …32017

A systematic review report on tobacco products and its health issues in India

S Padhiary, D Samal, P Khandayataray, MK Murthy Reviews on Environmental Health12020

Biochemical and molecular identification of lipolytic bacteria isolated from beverage industrial wastewater and optimization of lipase-secreting bacteria

A Giri, P Khandayataray, MK Murthy, D Samal Biomass Conversion and Biorefinery, 1-122021

Effects of Surface Sterilizing Agents, Sucrose and Plant Growth Regulatory Hormone Concentration Levels on Micropropagation of Bacopa monnieri L.

MK Murthy, P Khandayataray, D Samal, R Laha Asian Journal of Research in Botany, 1-122019

Identification of plant species in multi flower honey by using Ribulose-Bisphosphate carboxylase gene (RBC L) coding region as barcode marker, Mizoram, Northeast India: An Indo …MK Murthy, P Khandayataray, L Ralte, R Laha, D Samal 2019

A program for multiple sequence alignment using star alignment

MKM Dibyaranjan Samal, Nibedita School International Journal of Electrical, Electronics and Computers 3 (6), 1-72018

A Program for Multiple Sequence Alignment by Star Alignment

D Samal, N Sahoo, MK Murthy


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