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Professional member Lucy Santora authors new book

Professional member of the Institut de diplomatie publique Lucy Santora wrote her first book which takes a non-partisan approach to voting rights and trends in the United States.

Redefining the idea of a political handbook, Ballot Boxing recognizes that the sphere of American politics is constantly in flux, and teaches its readers how to:

  • Navigate a democratic landscape in a mire of disinformation

  • Grasp how rising political stars use personality to bolster their policies

  • Guide others on how to utilize their voting power

  • Use their vote to create a robust, engaging democratic system and more...

Lucy Santora’s gathered perspectives, collected in Ballot Boxing to represent every facet of the American political mind, provide keen insight into how the individual American can leverage their vote to mean more in a tumultuous era.

The work, titled Ballot Boxing, is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.


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