Professional member- Mario Vicente Ricalo Borrero

We are honored to welcome Mario Vicente Ricalo Borrero (Cape verde) as a new member of Institut de diplomatie publique.

Academic rank: Associate professor

  • Master of Science (Cuban and Caribbean Studies, the concentration being non-verbal communication in the communication process between Cubans and Jamaicans).



  • Reading selections for Mathematics and Computer Science.

  • How to translate the complex noun phrase?

  • From listening to oral expression.

  • Glosario de proverbios español-inglés.

  • The interpretant. A vision through Jamaican emblems.

  • The interpretant. A vision through Canadian emblems.

  • Some considerations about the Jamaican Rastafarian movement and the Cuban Rastafarian movement (specifically the one from Santiago de Cuba City).

  • A hermeneutic look at ‘Lazarus’, by Guy Vanderhaegue.

  • Emblemas santiagueros (Emblematic gestures typical of Santiago de Cuba).

  • Cultural identity. A vision by means of some non-verbal practices.

  • Etiquette and manners as a way to develop communicative competence in English.

  • Cape Verdeans viewed by representatives of other cultures. Some cultural-pragmatic implications. Revista Cabo-verdiana de Ciências Sociais. Ano 2- N. 2 e 3.

  • Cuisine as a marker of cultural identity. A hermeneutic look at “Indian Cuisine”, a short story by Canadian- Trinidadian writer Ramabai Espinet.

  • “Os românticos de Cabo Verde”. Revista Jovem Tudo. Praia. Cabo Verde. 2019.