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Public diplomacy professional

1. Assess your eligibility

If you are interested in becoming a Certified Professional with the Institute, let us know by registering your interest via the form below and we shall be in contact.

3. Choose your learning path

Online and self-paced learning (Route 1) Four courses that cover the fundamentals of public diplomacy, inclusive policy, sustainable development and the final test are easily accessible 24/7 through our own learning platform. The online courses offer interactive and narrated learning with intermediate checkpoints to monitor progress and help you stay on track. Blended learning (Route 2)

4. Modules

Within the framework of the Education for Justice (E4J) initiative, UNODC together with more than 600 academics developed a series of peer-reviewed university modules related to the crimes covered by the Organized Crime Convention and the Protocols thereto and on other issues related to the rule of law.

The Modules offer a careful analysis of the existing conceptual landscape and examines some of the key provisions of the Convention and other thematic areas related to the rule of law.

UNODC’s eLearning platform offers self-paced online modules that are open to individuals and free of charge.

6. Take the knowledge test

You may retake the knowledge test (post-test) as many time as you wish. A minimum of 80% is necessary in order to obtain the certification of completion.

7. Receive your certificate of completion

The certification of completion will be issued by UNODC if you pass the knowledge test with a minimum of 80%. You may access and download your certificate through the left-hand side menu of the platform.


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