Recommendations for Ph.D. thesis reviewers of the Institut de diplomatie publique

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Institut de diplomatie publique- Weretelnik Oleg

Review criteria:

The written review typically is 2 pages in length and should address the following issues:

1. Did the thesis research generate significant new knowledge in a scientific area?

2. Is the methodology scientifically sound and described in a way that allows

reproducing the experiments? Were relevant international ethical standards and rules of

good scientific practice adhered to?

3. Does the thesis demonstrate a solid understanding of the state-of-the-art in the

research area and the knowledge of the most important and current literature?

4. Are the results presented clearly, with the appropriate controls and statistical


5. Are the results discussed in relation to the research of others, and does the thesis

demonstrate a good understanding of the implications of the work in a broader scientific


6. Is the candidate’s contribution to each aspect of the thesis (conception of ideas,

experiments [e.g. which figures in an article], writing of an article) clearly stated and did

she/he appropriately acknowledge any contribution by others?

7. Is the candidate’s contribution to the research and publication(s) sufficiently large to

award her/him with a PhD?

Language: we ask you to write your review in English.

Concluding remarks /sample text/

The present thesis highlight very interesting results obtained in the framework of consistent experimental work and well-designed objectives. The reported publications

indicate that the candidate has fulfilled his aims and current results pave the way to

far-reaching research objectives for the next future. The present thesis fulfill all criteria for a Ph.D. Dissertation.



In my opinion, the thesis by {.....} fulfills all the conditions for gaining a Ph.D. degree in [.....}; therefore it is recommended.

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