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Stakeholder engagement as a term or practice has yet to gain wide currency within public diplomacy.

Institute is rewriting the rules of traditional diplomacy because the current system of state diplomacy is no longer fit for purpose and excludes those most affected by decision-making.

The Institute has ofered the model of public diplomacy to spur stakeholder engagement in policy development through non-governmental methods of conflict resolution.

The model unites diverse experts from relevant sectors (state and non-state actors).

Stakeholder engagement is central for public diplomats.

Connecting and integrating diverse perspectives through effective engagement is the foundation of inclusive and sustainable policies and plans.

Structured, well-planned and meaningful engagement creates opportunities for social transformation – it promotes understanding, creates a sense of ownership and facilitates the emergence of well-aligned partnerships and co-creation.

Effectively engaging those who are affected by a decision is a cornerstone of accountable governance that supports favorable development outcomes.

Working collaboratively and sharing a constructive approach, public diplomats identify problems, initiate discussions, prepare papers, develop practical solutions and oversee their implementation. Our work