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Standard recommendation letter for candidate members

Dear colleagues,

I am writing this letter to support the application of [ indicate here: name and surname ] to IPD membership.

Explain here how you know the applicant, make a concise assessment of her/his expertise in public diplomacy and refer to some of her/his major academic publications, briefly outlining the contribution to the scientific progress in the field of diplomacy.

Explain here your own assessment of the motivation by the candidate to apply for membership and why you think it would be good for IPD to include her/him among its (Doctor/Ph.D. or Professional) members.

Indicate here whether the candidate meets the criteria under the first, second or third limb of Article 5.1 (5.2 for Professional members) (see guidelines for application).

I hereby declare that I am available to be contacted by the Executive Board for any further clarification may be needed in connection with the admission of the candidate to IPD.

Kind regards Prof. [  your name and surname, title and University affiliation) ]



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