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Theoretical Debates on the Cultural Consequences of Globalization and Its Implication

About the author:

MA degree in Political Science

(from Punjabi University, India)

MSc degree in water management and governance at IHE Delft, The Netherlands

BA Degree in Civics and Ethics

Wollo University


This paper examined the cultural consequences of globalization in line with different perspectives. The study relied on qualitative research approach along with secondary sources of data so as to analyze the relationship between culture and globalization. Even though people of the world have made closer relations for elongated and continuous periods of time, the pace of interactions, exemplified by the global flows of people, capital, information, commodities, culture etc, has shown significant improvement recently owing to the force of globalization. Thus, globalization, as a multifaceted process, is portrayed by the existence of continuous and multiple linkages on a global scale. One of the interactions by which globalization has been manifested; one is the cultural ties amongst nations. In these processes of cultural connectivity, there exist contact and exchange of elements among the world's cultural rainbow having an array of end results, namely, homogenization, heterogenization, hybridization and polarization thesis.


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