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Virtual consultation on UN Emergency Platform

16 March 2023, from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm.

The aim of this consultation will be to hear the views of Stakeholders on the proposal for an Emergency Platform and to provide first impressions for the afternoon consultation with Member States.

EOSG will also attend the meeting and introduce the Policy Brief.

Stakeholders will be encouraged to share their specific assessments on an Emergency


Interventions will be limited to two minutes in order to provide for maximum


Proposed the identical guiding questions:

  • What lessons can we learn from recent complex global shocks (e.g. COVID-19, global

  • cost of living crisis 2022) to strengthen the international response to crises with large-scale multidimensional, multi-sectoral impacts?

  • What role should the United Nations play in such crises?

  • How can we better leverage the UN’s unique convening power to tackle complex global crises?

  • How can we ensure any new proposal, such as the establishment of an emergency platform, can support and bolster the work of both intergovernmental organs and specialized agencies that respond to emergencies?

Letter_Informal Consultations_ Institut de diplomatie publique
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