We co-Create our own project of public diplomacy.

INSTITUT DE DIPLOMATIE PUBLIQUE / INSTITUTO DE DIPLOMACIA PUBLICA is an independent organisation that acts as a platform for collaboration in the field of public diplomacy with a particular focus on countries with limited economic resources.

Our core purpose is to advance public diplomacy, by bringing academics at all stages of their career together from across the world to share ideas, publish research and grow networks.

We are a community-based, volunteer-driven internationally operating membership organization registered in the United Kingdom under the provisions of the Companies Act 2006, dedicated to facilitating the global exchange of information and knowledge.

Number in UK Register: 12623951.

This Platform ( https://www.publicdiplomacy.online/ } is a service of the Institut de diplomatie publique, transformed from the earlier social media network. Since the Platform was formed in 2012, we have grown in size and influence.

Currently, we are a collective project supported by over 300 scientists (Doctor/Ph.D. members of the Institute), 500 experts and professionals (Professional members), 900 observers.


Definition of the term "Co-creation".

The Institute defines co-creation as the collaborative development of public diplomacy values (concepts, solutions, services) together with our members, observers, experts and stakeholders.

In other words, co-creation is a form of collaborative innovation: ideas are shared and improved together.

All members work together to set our priorities, goals, objectives, and strategies and are organized into Working Groups and UNESCO IPL PUBLIC DIPLOMACY E-TEAM that concentrate on the most important initiatives identified by the Institut.

The project descriptions.

The project "PUBLICDIPLOMACY.ONLINE" is a project that aims to bring together different actors, such as researchers, policymakers, artists, to "co-understand" the role of public diplomacy.

​What we do?

We provide a direct channel of interaction among cultural activists, media, IGOs and NGOs, academics, and others seeking to advance the field of international virtual exchange (internet-based, cross-national communication and collaboration) in the following field:

Science diplomacy

Parliamentary Diplomacy

Cultural diplomacy Economic diplomacy

Cyber diplomacy

Health diplomacy Municipal diplomacy

Humanitarian diplomacy

Environmental diplomacy

Energy diplomacy Sports diplomacy

Water diplomacy

Inclusive policy via Public Diplomacy.

What kind of people are co-creators? What kind of work are they involved in?

We’re still in the process of building our network, based on the earlier social media community, so at the moment we attracted worldwide academics, including a new type of professor, scientists, allied sister nonprofits, graduate and Ph.D. students, new media artists, engineers, writers, journalists, NGO managers.

96 % of our Doctor/Ph.D. members have a doctoral degree..

We seek diversity in professional backgrounds, skills and employment history that is why the Institut aims to draw at least 30 percent of the Doctoral/ Ph.D. members from professional backgrounds other than the public diplomacy field.

As of 1st January 2021, Institut de diplomatie Publique has more than 170 Doctor/Ph.D. Members, more than 500 Professional Members and 2000 + observers.

Meet Our Experts, Members, and Observers (+5000 on July 1, 2021)

Doctorate degree holders | Doctoral Candidates


The overall objective of the project is to build an international and interdisciplinary network to exchange knowledge in the field of public diplomacy.

The project has three main objectives:

Firstly, we aim to develop an innovative conceptual framework for the analysis of public diplomacy, that integrates interdisciplinary theoretical approaches.

Secondly, we aim to develop a new methodological tool, that of ‘Co-Creation’, that brings together researchers and practitioners.

Thirdly, we propose to draw up policy guidelines and recommendations for policymakers in different countries, to advise on how the Co-Creation method can be applied, and to improve wellbeing.

We have the opportunity to effect lasting change for all people supporting diversity with deliberate actions that advance diversity and inclusion.

Recent Actions:

Weretelnik Oleg Public diplomacy ecosystem

Launched UNESCO IPL PUBLIC DIPLOMACY E-Team to provide a platform of support with feedback to help drive positive change within the Public diplomacy ecosystem;

Hosted virtual roundtable on diversity and inclusion.

Upcoming actions include:

implementing Phase 1 "Building public diplomacy ecosystem";

synthesizing literature to identify best practices that can be used to inform public diplomacy-related inclusive policy activities.


An innovative ‘Co-Creation’ methodology will be developed during the project, which will then be applied in each of the case study countries.


The Co-Creation Conferences will being held online.

How We Work?

Our members work together to set our priorities, goals, objectives and strategies.

We do not receive monetary donations for our programs and researches but depend strictly on our community's voluntary support.

What we need?

As a voluntary initiative, the Institute seeks wide participation from a diverse group.

As a participant of co-creation e-team, you can:

Conduct applied research to advance best practices.

You can also help us shape the most effective ideas, develop tools and research, and further our partnership projects.

As equal partners and important stakeholders, you can participate through a number of IPD engagement mechanisms, including policy dialogues, learning, and partnership projects. In these areas, you have a crucial role to play in helping to foster partnerships and produce substantive action.

Step 1

Prepare a Letter of Intent addressed to the Institute and signed by your organization declaring the preliminary non-binding commitment regarding the terms of a proposed cooperation, participation in the activities where feasible .

Please find letter templates in English below.

Step 2

Complete the Online Application Form and send a digital copy of the Letter (info@institut.uk)

Growth and inclusion.

Our strategy is meant to include new and diverse global voices in the conversation and to provide more capacity and agency for teams working locally.

We are creating a strategy focused on supporting and activating people.

Shared decision-making, goal-setting, structure for collaboration.

New strategy creates new governance bodies to provide space for the community to identify priorities for the global work.

We are much more than just Public Diplomacy Platform – we’re a group of creators, scientists, lawyers. We’re global and multilingual, but most of all, we’re a community.

Our community is not a series of disparate projects, but instead a network of people driven by the desire to share their creativity with the world.

Please if you have any questions, do not hesitate to comment in the post or reach out to us info@institut.uk