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Webinar: Teaching and Learning with and about AI

19 October at 17.00 CET

Artificial Intelligence is reshaping education, offering new opportunities for media creation, analysis, and decision-making. This transformation demands a re-evaluation of current teaching and assessment methods in light of AI's black box nature and its integration into educational systems.

Institute of public diplomacy

The upcoming EduTalk will delve into the potential applications of AI in supporting teaching and learning. It will scrutinize the challenges and benefits from both the learner and teacher perspectives. Additionally, the event will emphasize the prerequisites that must be met before introducing an AI-enabled technology/system in the classroom, with a particular focus on upholding human rights, democracy, and the rule of law.

Key questions:

- How can AI be effectively integrated into educational curricula to promote AI literacy?

-What ethical considerations should guide AI regulation in education to protect human rights and democracy?

-How can teachers be supported in adapting to AI-enhanced teaching methods?

-What strategies can be employed to ensure AI is used responsibly and creatively in the classroom?

Join on Zoom for EduTalks@Council of Europe on Thursday 19 October at 17.00 CET to get answers to these and other questions.

This event is aimed at researchers, education professionals, data protection and right to privacy organisations, and public authorities in the field of education and those interested in artificial intelligence in education.

You need to register to participate: Registration form


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