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Webinars on climate change negotiations and diplomacy

As climate change is becoming a major test of our collective ability to prevent and manage crises, public diplomats will increasingly need to integrate climate-informed priorities into diplomacy and other forms of peacemaking.

“Climate diplomacy” may strike us as a relatively recent innovation, coterminous with the development of modern multilateralism and the growing recognition of global interconnectedness.

Climate diplomacy can help to peacefully manage conflicts.

It requires preventive and early action not only by the countries most affected, but by the entire international community.

The Institute cordially invites members to a Climate Diplomacy Webinars on 16-18 November at 14.00 – 15.00.

16 November at 14.00 – 15.00.

Webinar 1 is designed to identify the root causes of conflict, such as environmental degradation, and equip members with the knowledge and capacities to make important decisions and represent the interests of non-state actors when considering climate change commitments, strategy or policy developments.</